Calendar of Events

  • Sept 26 All School Sing meet after Sing for Coffee with Francie
  • Oct 03 School Board Meet 6:30
  • Oct 05 Fall Fiesta 12:30
  • Oct 07 JH Class Apple Picking
  • Oct 8-10 JH Cider Sale
  • Oct 21 SCHOOL CLOSED Parent Teacher Conferences K-Grade 4

Note from Francie 9/23/16

Word from the north is that the Junior High had a successful and beautiful hike up Mt. Mansfield on Thursday. We will welcome them back to school Friday afternoon!

Next week we dive into our CLiF sponsored artist residency called Words Come Alive! with Susanna Olson of The Flynn Center. The staff will meet with her on Monday afternoon and she will work with each class over the next four days. We’re excited! I look forward to giving you a full report next week. Continue reading “Note from Francie 9/23/16”


Do you need help stacking wood or do you have a garden full of weeds? Well, junior high students can help with that. Please call the school phone number 254-2668. Ask for Camilla or Ben for more details.

Communicating with Families

I want to let you know of some of the ways we communicate with parents here at Marlboro. We have a great website (if I do say so myself) that is always kept up to date, without being overwhelmingly chock-full.

Please scroll down the front page to see all the latest news. 

Friday Notes is sent home in paper form every Friday, and I duplicate all of it on the front page of the website, usually by Friday night. 

Teachers send notes home weekly, and these are linked to each classroom page. 

I’ll also post snow days on the website very early in the morning. 

There is a gallery where we love to share photos of the kids and we often post art work and short videos online as well. 

Finally, there is a Facebook group that parents have set up. Please remember this is not an official form of communication from the school, but rather a place where parents like to share info with each other. 

We Need Sneakers!

Occasionally students forget to bring sneakers on Wednesday for PE. To be safe students need to wear sneakers during PE classes. If you have serviceable sneakers that your child is not using please consider donating them to the PE Program. Drop them off at school. Thank you in advance for your help.sneak

Open Library

christmas-books-001After seeing the success of the Summer Library Program begun by Jess Weitz (and support from CLiF and the Marlboro Alliance), we would like to invite pre-schoolers, homeschoolers and any other families living in Marlboro to come by on Friday mornings between 10 and 11:30. This is a good time to browse the collection, read to/with your own child and check out books. Students from several classrooms will also be in and out of the library choosing books, but there should be plenty of space for all!

Note from William Anton, Superintendent of Schools

It is with great excitement that I welcome everyone to the 2016-2017 school year. This will be my first year as Superintendent of the Windham Central Supervisory Union and I am ready to embrace the challenges that leading a supervisory union offers. The beginning of each school year holds such promise.  I am looking forward to meeting new people through my regular visits to all of the schools in our Union, and I am curious to learn about the special traditions, activities, and communities that make each school unique.  I also look forward to seeing old friends. Continue reading “Note from William Anton, Superintendent of Schools”