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Happy Summer!


Wednesday, Aug 27 is the  first day of school. Enjoy your summer!

Note from Francie 6/6/14

Last night at Consortium, graduating students shared their best pieces of writing from the podium of the Town House.  It was powerful.  The pieces ranged from humorous to informational and fictional to passionately personal and reflective.  Each piece gave us insight into the author and together they created the exciting and diverse tapestry that this class represents.

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Excerpt from Haley’s Consortium piece

Now, writing this paper, I am more aware of the experience I had at Marlboro. I am remembering more stories, more memories that are stored at the back of my mind. Not all memories are good, but not all are bad. Going to Marlboro has been a learning experience I will never forget. Marlboro has taught me many things. I’ve learned how to read and how to write, but I’ve also learned how to be respectful, forgiving and caring. I’ve also learned the little things, like how to track a porcupine, how to tie a knot, how to build a fairy house, and that, according to David, “pain hurts”.  But, as the song says, the most important thing of all is to “Remember the seed in the little paper cup, first the root goes down and then the plant grows up”. I now realize the opportunity I was given at Marlboro– I was able to learn who I truly was.  I don’t leave this school sad, or happy, I leave wiser.

Congratulations Fitness Team

Fun and hard work, good job team!


Biography Day

David’s kids did great on their biography presentations. See photos in our gallery!

Bio day 014

A Great Day


Picture from Hogback Day are in our Gallery!

Seeking A to Z Mysteries

Does anyone in the school community have any A to Z Mysteries books that they would be willing to lend to the school? We need to have two or three copies of a book for reading in group. I would be happy to make sure they get back to you when we have finished reading them.


Trip Pix


Pictures from the 4/5th grade trip around Vermont are in our gallery!

Summer Reading

All books are now due back in the library – there are only 124 books left to return! Keep digging, some folks have found books that have been out for a few years, and I have at least one report from an 8th grader that he has had a book out since 5th grade! Watch for a note home next week that will include a summer reading pass for students who have returned all their library books. A bill will be sent home for any books not returned by the end of next week (replacing lost books can be expensive). Summer book checkouts will begin Monday, June 9th for any students who bring in a signed summer reading pass. Families can start gearing up for summer reading fun by making sure students will have access to books they want to read. Reading over the summer has been proven to prevent “summer slide.”

Some ways to make sure kids read over the summer:

  • Read together as a family, even if it is just for 20 minutes each day.
  • Take advantage of local book sales and find cheap books at yard sales.
  • Post the bookmobile schedule in a central spot in the house, and make it a priority to get there (the schedule will be included on the summer reading pass that is sent home next week).
  • Swap books with friends and family when you’re all done reading them.
  • Get a library card in the child’s name at a nearby library.
  • Take books with you on errands, vacations, to camp.
  • Listen to audiobooks while driving.
  • Show your kids that reading is fun by making sure they see you reading, too!

Summer Camps at MES

Summer is almost here!! Woohoo! And with summer, comes summer camp fun! Feel like dancing? Maybe learning some new hoop moves? How ‘bout finally doing your back handspring without a spot? Or are you totally new to tumbling and want to learn and have some fun?
Well, we have the camps for you!

Dance Squad Summer Camps
June 23-27 and August 4-8
9-2pm Ages 8-12

Tumble Fun Gymnastics Camp
July 14-18 9-12pm ages 5-7
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Bus Driver Needed

We’re looking for a bus driver to share Gail MacArthur’s route. Help with training and licensing is provided. Please spread the word. If you are interested, contact Gail at or 257-7328 by Monday, May 12.

Classroom Configuration for 2014/15

Dear Marlboro School Parents,

We’re beginning to look ahead to next year and want to include you in our planning.  Once again we have very different numbers of students from one grade level to another.  We know that we need to think creatively as we figure out how to create the best learning environments throughout the school. We’re recognizing that every year there is a need to do this. Read more »