Friday December 14, 2018

Marlboro School Winter Concert at the Whittemore Theater, Marlboro College Campus

Wednesday December 19th, 6:30 pm (snow date 12/20)

Students should be in the theater by 6:15

please allow time to park.

Here is a link to the campus mapMarlboro College is on South Road 2.6 miles from Route 9.


Book Giveaway Thursday December 20/Friday December 21. Donations of almost-new books are very welcome, especially graphic novels and new chapter books. Drop them off at school anytime Monday-Wednesday next week; there is a box just inside the library door. Email Rochelle with any questions at

Note from Wayne

Update from Social Justice Initiative:  Marlboro School parents (including principal Wayne Kermenski) have been gathering this past year to work through Foundations in Social Justice for Educators and Parents, a curriculum published by Oak Meadow. Suzanne Whitehouse generously donated her time to facilitate discussions centered around racial, economic, disability, and gender and orientation justice. Participants took the opportunity to deepen their understanding of social justice and to examine the ways in which their families, school, and community can benefit from the values of social justice.

By working through this curriculum together we were able to examine ways in which particular groups of people are treated in our society. Learning about how people experience oppression, prejudice, and bias fostered a greater understanding and sense of compassion in each of us. Many group discussions returned to the principles of empathy, love, and respect. We each came away from this learning group with concrete ideas about how we can foster these values in our children and our community and how we can support social-justice learning in our school.

AMP’s Social Justice Conversations group continues to meet on the last Friday of every month at 5:30 in the MES library. We bring a simple potluck supper and can provide childcare with advance notice. The meetings are centered around deep,  respectful conversations on current events, history, and the principles of social justice. We also reserve time to plan concrete ways that we can support our school. Current projects include a parent-led All School Sing to celebrate MLK Day, establishing a lending library, and questioning the state’s practice of collecting data on students’ racial identity. We welcome you to join the conversation.  

Social Justice Conversations/Last Friday of every Month/Marlboro Elementary School Library

5:30 – 7:30 pm/simple potluck supper

Please email with questions or to reserve childcare.  

Have a great weekend,   Wayne


As the weather gets colder, folks are understandably reluctant to turn off their engines. This is a reminder that the people on the playground and even in the school building are breathing those exhaust fumes. For more information, go to


L’After Session 3 runs January 2 – February 28th

Registration Due Thursday 12/20


Upcoming events
Dec 15         Winter Bazaar at Marlboro Community Center 9-12
Dec 19
        Winter Concert at Whittemore Theater 6:30 pm, Snow Date 12/20
Dec 20         School Board Building Sub Committee Meeting 6:30 pm
Dec 24- Jan 01  SCHOOL CLOSED
Jan 02         School Resumes
Jan 07         First Session of Winter Sports

December 7, 2018

Winter Sports Sign Up – forms due Tuesday December 11th

Forms are available by the front office. Please read this over the weekend as we need you response by Tuesday Dec 11th.

Save the date, Wednesday, December 19th for Marlboro Winter Concert at the Whittemore Theater!


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

We will have a book giveaway for students on Friday, December 21st  — Thursday for the Goldfinches and Bluejays. Every student will get to choose at least one (probably two) new or gently-used books to take home and add to their home library. There is no obligation to bring in books to swap this time, but donations of almost-new books are very welcome, especially graphic novels and new chapter books. Unneeded donations may be used in the school or new town library at the Community Center. There will be a box just inside the library door for donations to be dropped off. Email Rochelle with any questions at

Note from Wayne

AMP Meeting Notes from last Tuesday:

Highlights include:

  • Pre-school check in:
    • Discussed the pros/cons of full day programming for 3 year olds.
  • Finalized Winter Bazaar planning
  • School Identity Committee/Mission update
    • The AMP representative on the School Mission Sub-Committee’s shared the work from the first meeting.  During this first meeting, the group brainstormed current school attributes and identified whether these attributes are school-wide or just in specific classrooms.  The next meeting is December 10th.
  • School board opening this spring.
  • Social Justice Initiative Parent Group update:  The Oak Meadow social justice curriculum was completed, so the group would like to focus their attention on:
    • Publicizing our work
    • Pushing back against racial identity data request from state
    • Planning All School Sing to celebrate MLK day led by parents
    • Starting a Social Justice Lending Library

November 30, 2018 Notes

Help Wanted:

Weather has made installing the disc golf baskets difficult, but tomorrow looks good!  We would really appreciate volunteers tomorrow at 10am to help install a few baskets at Marlboro School.  Please come if you can.  Thank you!

Note from Wayne

Reminder: Basketball Season:  The basketball season has started!  There is still time to sign up.  For grades 3-6, games will start after the Winter Break.  JH games are currently begin scheduled and the schedule will be released soon.





JH Practice until 4:45

3-6 Practice until 4:45

JH Practice until 4:45

3-6 Practice until 4:00

Preschool and Kindergarten can find the registration form here: Practices and games will start this Saturday and anyone is able to participate after registering.

Marlboro School Winter Bazaar 2018!

Date: December 15, 2018


Time: 9-12


  • Junior High Bake Sale
  • Wreath Sale (order form linked below)
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Cards & Calendars from Everyone’s books will be for sale.
  • An arts & crafts table
  • Gingerbread House competition & fundraiser for Vt Foodbank

What a nice way to start Saturday with a scone, cup of coffee and a Wreath at the Community Center.

Have a great weekend, Wayne

A Note from our School Nurse, Sara

Did you know…..?

  • Children need healthy snacks for energy, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, and to help them grow, learn and be active.
  • Healthy students are better able to pay attention in class and do their best school work.
  • Consuming food dyes has been associated with hyperactivity and lack of focus.

Our kids need filling, nutritious snacks that will give them steady energy and focus!  Whole foods are the best option.  A good guideline to follow when choosing foods for healthy snacks is to choose foods and beverages that are minimally processed.  Of course, food manufacturer’s lure our kids with bright colors, favorite characters and high levels of addicting sugar so our kids will want to keep coming back for more.  And they lure us parents with their convenience.  However, foods that are highly processed and high in sugar cause irritability, lethargy, lack of focus and an energy crash and unsatisfied tummies soon after consuming, for kids and adults.  

Here are some guidelines when choosing snacks for school.

  • Mix it up! Choose foods from at least two of the food groups. For example a protein and a fruit, or a whole grain and a vegetable.
  • Include fruits and vegetables. It’s hard for kids to eat enough of these unless you serve them at snack time in addition to meals.
  • Aim for about 150-200 calories per snack time. This will satisfy the appetite without overdoing it.
  • Watch the saturated fat, salt, and sugar content. Try to pick foods that are low in all of these most of the time.
  • Steer clear of trans fat. Trans fat is very common in processed foods. Read the ingredients to avoid purchasing anything with partially hydrogenated oil.
  • And even foods considered healthy, such as yogurt can have a lot of added sugar.  Kids should be eating less than 25g of added sugar per day.  Read nutrition labels!  You might be surprised how much sugar they are really eating.
  • The more our kids and us are exposed to healthy foods low in salt, sugar and saturated fats, the more our taste buds change, making healthier foods taste better and more rewarding.

Try These Snack Ideas!

  • Baby carrots and low sugar yogurt
  • Cucumbers and a mozzarella cheese stick
  • Applesauce and whole grain crackers
  • Hard-boiled egg and sliced bell pepper
  • Hummus and baked whole grain crackers
  • Dry low-sugar cereal (cheerios) and an apple
  • A banana and some raw or dry roasted almonds
  • Whole grain rice cake with peanut butter
  • Dried fruit and nuts

Thanks for helping your kids be healthy and successful

Sara Sherritt, RN

When to keep your child home from school

  • Use the 24 hour rule!  Did they have a fever?  Were they vomiting or having diarrhea?  Rash with sick symptoms?  Your child is fine to return to school when they have been symptom free and/or fever free (without fever reducing medications) for 24 hours.  Read below for more details.
  • Frequent, high quality hand washing is the #1 most effective way to prevent infection!  High quality means wetting hands and using enough soap to create white bubbles on all parts of your hands and wrists, using vigorous friction with the soap for at least 20 seconds, and continuing to use friction when you rinse.  Use paper towels to turn off water faucets and open doors in public places.

Does your child have a fever?  Keep him/her home with a temperature of 100.0 or above. He/she may return to school when he/she has been at least 24 hours fever free without the use of Tylenol/Ibuprofen or other fever reducing medication.  Fever is a symptom of illness, not an actual diagnosis, and usually indicates that the body is battling an infection.  If the fever does not resolve in 2 to 3 days, or if your child appears sick with any fever, call your doctor to have your child evaluated.

Do you think your child has a contagious illness?  Unless a doctor has cleared him/her to return to school, keep him/her home to avoid spreading it.  If your child appears really sick, keep your child home and arrange an evaluation by your doctor that day.  Call your doctor’s office for advice if you are not sure about your child’s condition or have questions about whether your child should stay home from school.  Physicians have an answering service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  So even after hours, you will be able to reach someone for assistance.  If you can’t get through to your doctor and you are really concerned, either call 911 or bring your child to the nearest emergency room for evaluation.  See below for some examples of contagious illnesses.

If your child complains of not feeling well but otherwise has no definite symptoms, he/she can likely attend school.  The school will call you if something more develops.  Be sure to contact your pediatrician if the complaints persist or other more definite sick symptoms develop.  The effect on a family with a sick child is enormous – home, work and school lives are all impacted and often at the least convenient times!  To complicate matters, it can be difficult deciding when to keep a child home and when to send them to school, as usual.  It is helpful to have a plan developed for someone to be available to care for your child in the event they are sent home from school or need to stay home.  Be sure to update your emergency phone numbers when there are changes.  Please keep in mind that the school nurse cannot, by law, diagnose or treat any illnesses or injuries (beyond first aid) and will refer you to your primary care physician.

Sickness is a part of childhood.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the typical child has 6 to 12 illnesses a year ranging from mild to severe.  Illnesses can occur throughout the year, but usually cluster in the winter.  These illnesses can spread throughout classrooms affecting other students, teachers, and family members.  Families and schools need to balance the child’s school attendance with the risk of spreading the illness to others in the school.

Many illnesses can be stopped before they spread by reminding everyone to practice frequent hand washing, blowing noses into tissues, covering mouths when coughing or sneezing.

Highly contagious agents:  May include but are not limited to the following:

Strep throat:   signs include:  sore throat, fever, swollen glands, abdominal pain, difficulty swallowing.  He/she should be evaluated by a doctor before returning to school. Call your child’s school and ask if strep throat is going around; if so, have your child tested.  A child with a diagnosis of strep throat needs to stay out of school until they have had two doses of an appropriate antibiotic.

Pink eye (conjunctivitis): needs to be treated by a doctor.   Children should stay home from school for the first 24 hours after treatment begins. Symptoms of pinkeye include eye redness, irritation, swelling, itching or burning, light sensitivity, drainage, or overnight crusting of eyelashes.

Rashes:  not sure if it is contagious?  When in doubt, keep them home until a doctor has determined the cause.  Many rashes will resolve spontaneously and are not reason alone to keep a child home from school.   Any rash associated with symptoms such as trouble breathing or swallowing, fever, or ill appearance, should be evaluated by your physician. Rashes that are itchy or scaly may be contagious and should be evaluated before sending a child back to school.

  • Impetigo:  Skin rash caused by a bacterial infection which is often found around the nose, mouth and face.  It is noted to have a yellow crusty appearance.  Children may return to school 24 hours after treatment begins.
  • Chicken pox:  May return to school once lesions have dried and scabbed over.

Vomiting/diarrhea:  May return if both have resolved for 24 hours and child is tolerating food.

  • Diarrhea is often the result of infection, food poisoning, or a side effect to medications like antibiotics.  Keep children home until stools are formed and your doctor gives the okay. Make sure your sick child stays well-hydrated.  Diarrhea that is bloody or associated with fever, abdominal pain, or vomiting should be evaluated by your doctor.
  • Vomiting is another way for the body to rid itself of the germs making it sick, and is usually caused by a stomach virus or stomach infection.

Severe cough:  Cold symptoms such as frequent cough or greenish nasal drainage throughout the day should keep kids home from school. A serious cough could be a sign of contagious conditions like whooping cough, viral bronchitis, or croup. It can also be a sign of asthma or allergies.  Please consult your doctor if the cough is productive (has phlegm) or is associated with fever or trouble breathing.

Mild cold or respiratory symptoms are no reason to keep children at home so long as their nasal drainage is clear and their cough is mild.  Green/yellow nasal discharge can occur in mild colds, usually in the morning, and often gives way to clear drainage throughout the day.  Cough alone may not prevent your child from attending school unless it is interfering with a child’s sleep or ability to participate in school activities.   Encourage fluids, plenty of rest, and treat the symptoms as needed to keep your child comfortable.   

Wishing good health!

Sara Sherritt, RN

Calendar of Events
Dec 06         School Board Meet 6:30pm
Dec 19         Winter Concert at Whittemore Theater 6pm, Snow Date 12/20
Dec 20         School Board Building Sub Committee Meeting 6:30 pm
Dec 24- Jan 01 SCHOOL CLOSED
Jan 02         School Resumes
Jan 07         First Session of Winter Sports

Friday, November 9, 2018

Changes this Year for Winter Sports and Mt. Snow

  • Mount Snow will now require ski passes to get lift tickets for the winter sports program.
  • Students in Kindergarten through Grade 6 may apply at Mt Snow for a free season pass (see below for how to get these).
  • If your student would like to participate in Mt Snow winter sports they will need to have one. Students in Grades 7 and 8 who are not planning on purchasing a season pass can purchase lift tickets for winter sports programing for an additional $60.00.

APPLICATION WAS ATTACHED to Friday Notes as a file and print copies are also available on the front hall table at school.

Once again, Mount Snow is pleased to offer complimentary youth season passes to local children in Kindergarten through sixth grade.  In order to facilitate this process, I would like to request that you make available to each student the order form attached to this email.

* In order to receive the season pass, the student must follow these procedures:

  • A completed order form must be returned to Mount Snow in person.

  • Liability waiver can be submitted by following this link  and a photo will be taken at pick up on the mountain. 

  • Please no later than November 20th! We will not accept any forms after this date.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the Season Pass Office at

802-464-4033.  Thanking you in advance for your time and cooperation in this matter.

Note from Wayne

Basketball Season:  The basketball season will start after Thanksgiving Break, November 27th.  Junior High will practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 4:45 and grades 3-6 will hold their practices on Wednesday until 4:45 and Friday to 4:00.  There is still time to sign up.

Basketball Sign up form was attached again today to Friday Notes.

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
JH Practice until 4:45 3-6 Practice until 4:45 JH Practice until 4:45 3-6 Practice until 4:00


Basketball Coaches, Update:  Elijah Pell is returning to coach the Junior High team and Wayne will be the coach for the 3-6 team.

Disc Golf:  There will be a work session this Sunday, November 11th, starting at 1:00.  In addition, the disc golf project was awarded another $500 grant for additional supplies and discs.  

AMP Meeting Notes:  We had a great meeting!  Notes can be found here. 

School Closings Procedures:  Happy Cold Weather!  Here are the procedures when we need to close school for the day.  At 6:00 am, I will send out an All Call informing everyone that school is either closed for the day or delayed 2 hours.  This information will also be posted on our school’s website, WCAX Channel 3 and WTSA and WKVT radio stations.    

Have a great week,   Wayne



Friday, November 2, 2018

Notes from Wayne:

Basketball Season:  It’s basketball season again!  I sent home the
registration form for grades 3-8 yesterday and have attached a
digital copy as well.  Please return them as soon as possible.

Basketball Coaches, Please!:  We are looking for a 3-6 basketball
coach and an assistant coach.  There are two practices a week
and games on Saturday in Wilmington.  We are also looking for
a JH coach and an assistant coach. Practices are two times a
week and games will have to be scheduled with other local
school by the coaches.  These are stipend positions. Please let
Wayne know if you are interested.

Arts Integration Sub Committee:  I am looking for a community
member to join the arts integration sub-committee.  The intent of
this group is to identify ways we can integrate arts/music/specials
with classroom curriculum.  I will be sending out a doodle poll to
choose our first meeting date sometime on December. Our first
meeting agenda will be to set the goal of this sub-committee and
lay out the road map for our future work together.  I estimate that
we will meet about 6 times for about 2 hours/meeting through the
winter and spring. Please email Wayne if you are interested.

Morning Snack:  We are switching morning snack with our fresh fruits and vegetables program.
We will now start the day with snack/breakfast.  Around 9:30, Chef Craig will bring each
classroom a bowl of fruit and vegetables.

Have a great week,

Enjoy a few Halloween pictures from this week in our album

Calendar of Events

Nov 02 No All School Sing today

Nov 04 Daylight Saving Ends, Turn Clocks Back 1Hour

Nov 06 AMP Meeting 6:45 pm

Nov 15 School Board, Building subcommittee Meet 6:30 pm

Nov 16 North El to Brattleboro Museum & Arts Center 8:30-11:30am

Nov 19-23 SCHOOL CLOSED (5th-8th conferences on Nov 19)

Friday October 26

Thank you Sarah Grant for pulling together the Marlboro Treat or Treat Map this year. Please stop by school if you would like a copy.

Don’t forget to join us for Halloween All School Sing on Wednesday, plus a costume parade in the morning but don’t make it TOO scary in consideration of our youngest students.

Winter Sports Programming is right around the corner. This program is made possible in part by volunteers. Please consider if you would like to help with ice skating at Memorial Park, Mt. Snow or here at Marlboro School for a third option to be determined.

All volunteers must do a Criminal Record Check that includes fingerprinting. If you think you might want to volunteer with the school for anything at all, be it winter sports, chaperoning field trips, coaching basketball, etc. please come in soon and see Gail in the office to get the process started. Bring your driver’s license and thank you.

The Student Directory is being sent home with students today. Sorry paper copies only.

School Board Letter re. Safety went home as an attachment to Friday notes along with a Principal’s Report to the Board.

Mount Snow Ski Pass Applications available at school in the front hall.

Social Justice Initiative:  Tonight we will be holding our monthly SJI meeting from 5:30-7:30.  All are welcomed.

Calendar of Events

Oct 26 AMP Social Justice Meeting 5:30 pm

Oct 31 Wednesday 8:30 Special HALLOWEEN ALL SCHOOL SING, Please join us!

Nov 2 No All School Sing today

Nov 4 Daylight Saving Ends, Turn Clocks Back 1 Hour

Friday October 5, 2018

Fall Fiesta picture album can be seen here.

Note from Wayne

NEW arrival and dismissal procedures update: I want to thank everyone for their support and
understanding as we implemented these changes. The mornings and afternoons are more
organized, calm and students really enjoy the change to the soccer field.

Marlboro School Association: This year’s MSA contributions include:
 Outdoor Building Blocks for preschool and kindergarten students. Please click this link for more information:
 Bottle Filling Station
 Baskets for a 6-hole Disc Golf course
 Garden Shed and tools
 2 adult violins
 Building Materials to add a Roof on to the Forest Structure
 Tegu Blocks, 2 class sets
 5 Hokki Stools for South EL
 Pottery and Kiln Workshop for students in PK-4 art classes.

Disc Golf Course: We are very excited to bring a 6-hole course to our campus. We are
currently looking for a few more funds to purchase some final materials. If you are interested in helping to make this project happen, please donate at this link:

We will also hold 2 or 3 work sessions this fall. The first one is Saturday, October 13th from 9:00-12:00. 

Cider Sale this WEEKEND!: It’s Indigenous Peoples’ Day weekend and our biggest fundraiser
to help support JH’s trip to Costa Rica. Stop by and pick up some delicious pressed apple cider
and baked goods.

New Community Member: We would like to welcome Amy Mentz to the South EL
classroom. She will be serving as a paraeducator.

AMP Meeting: Please read the attached AMP meeting minutes from October 3rd. We had a great

Have a great week, Wayne


  • Oct 08 NO SCHOOL
  • Oct 12 South EL to Latchis Theater 9-11:30 am
  • Oct 18 Building Sub-Committee Meet 6:30
  • Oct 19 NO SCHOOL- Conferences for Pre K-Grade 4
  • Oct 25 School Board Meet 6:30 pm
  • Oct 26 Field Research Trip North El, South El and JH to LGHS
  • Oct 26 AMP Social Justice Meeting 5:30 pm
  • Nov 4 Daylight Saving Ends, Turn Clocks Back 1Hour

Friday Notes September 28, 2018

School Portrait Day is Tuesday, October 2

Order forms were sent home today.

Next AMP Meeting:  Our first meeting will be October 2nd from 6:45-8:15 and every first Tuesday of the month thereafter.


Oct 02 School Picture Day
AMP Meeting 6:45 pm
Oct 19 NO SCHOOL- Conferences for Pre K- Grade 4

Fall Fiesta was a bit muddy, but a fun afternoon! Pictures to come.

A picture of Thursday’s school lunch made by our Chef Craig!

Friday Notes, September 21, 2018

Happy Autumn Equinox!

School Picture Day is Tuesday October 2.

The wonderful Sarah Lavigne will be making portraits again this year. Please be on the lookout for the order forms to be sent out next week.

Note from Wayne

Donate Bed Sheets:  The final step in our compost operation is to put it out in windrows.  In order to keep it from eroding away, we need to cover it.  This is where bed sheets come in handy.  If you have any used top sheets laying around, we would love them. You or your child can drop them off in the office.  Thank you!

Reminder – AMP Meeting Date/Time:  Our first meeting will be October 2nd from 6:45-8:15 and every first Tuesday of the month thereafter.

Volunteers and Criminal Record Checks:  New this year is that any person volunteering to work in the school or as chaperones in school events such as field trips and winter sports must first do a (CRC) Criminal Record Check with Marlboro School. If you would like to be available to participate please considering doing the CRC now. You should contact Gail in the office 254-2668 to start the process and regarding any questions.

Have a great week,



Message from Andrea Howe, School Bus Coordinator

Please send a written note from the parent/guardian, signed and dated into school, if your student/child(ren) will be getting off the afternoon bus at a different location other than from where he/she was picked up in the morning.  If there is a regular schedule of drop off location(s), a note to cover a certain period of time is acceptable. 

Please also remember, if your child is third grade or younger, a parent must meet that young student, unless other arrangements are made, and a note shall be sent to school, identifying that arrangement.

If there is not a parent or other arrangements have not been made to meet younger students, the students will be kept on the school bus and taken back to school. Parents will then need to pick-up their students at school, after the bus route is completed.

If you have made arrangements in the past, that doesn’t carry into this year.  A current note is needed.

If you have any questions, please contact Andrea Howe at 254-8170, or Gail 254-2668.

All of us helping can continue to keep our children safe. Thank you.

Upcoming events

Sept 27 School Board Meeting 6:30 pm
Sept 28 Fall Fiesta
Oct 02 School Picture Day 
Oct 02 AMP Meeting 6:45 pm
Oct 19 NO SCHOOL- Conferences for Pre K- Grade 4

Friday, September 14, 2018

Note from Wayne:

Preschool Playground Work Session:  We now have a Preschool Playground with things to interact with!  We had a great work session and thank you to everyone who helped make this happen.

Open House:  It was nice seeing all of you last night.  I particularly enjoyed watching the pick-up soccer game at the end of the evening.

Reminder regarding All School Sing:  All School Sing will be on Fridays from 8:30-9:00.  All are welcome!

AMP Meeting Date/Time:  After reviewing the survey, the first Tuesday of the month works best for most of us.  Our first meeting will be October 2nd from 6:45-8:15.

Dropping students off in the morning:  With the addition of Preschool, we have many more students being driven to school.  In order to reduce the line of cars parked along the wooden fence, can you please move your car after you have dropped your child off.  If you plan to stay for a little while, please us one of the parking spots either along the chain linked fence or down in the lower lot.  Thank you.

Have a great week,


Upcoming Events

  • Sept 15 Marlboro Fair Day, Muster Field 10-4
  • Sept 19-20 JH Overnight Trip to Mt Mansfield
  • Sept 20 School Board Sub-Committee Meeting 6:30
  • Sept 27 School Board Meeting 6:30 pm
  • Sept 28 Fall Fiesta
  • Oct 02 School Picture Day
  • AMP Meeting 6:45 pm
  • Oct 08 NO SCHOOL
  • Oct 19 NO SCHOOL- Conferences for Pre K- Grade 4

Community Happenings

Sandglass Theater of Putney, VT has assembled an international roster of performing companies for the 10th Puppets in the Green Mountains Festival: Opening the Doors. This September 19–23, puppet theater companies from around the globe will gather in venues throughout Brattleboro and Putney to offer performances that celebrate puppetry while exploring themes of Access and Inclusion. Family shows offered are Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Stage Play by Rustwerk Refinery from Canada, Mr Ruraru’s Yard by Puppet and its Double from Taiwan and The Joshua Show by Joshua Holden from New York. Find out more and book tickets at or call (802) 387 4051.


The Vermont Wildlife Festival at Mount Snow Vermont                                  September 23rd   10:00am – 4:00pm

Join live animals, educators, entertainers and the beautiful nature of Mount Snow for a FREE day of fun and learning.  The Southern Vermont Natural History Museum has sponsored this event in hopes of “connecting people from all walks of life to the natural world.”  Get up close with birds of prey and native reptiles!  Meet people devoted to enjoying and preserving your back yard nature!  Learn to flyfish!  Get hands-on with water and crafts!  Do it all and then grab lunch or take a chairlift ride at beautiful Mount Snow!  Fun for the whole family, this is a free event made possible by a partnership with the Southern Vermont Mount Snow Valley Chamber of Commerce and Mount Snow Resorts.  Contact the Museum for more information (802) 464-0048 or on facebook  Donations are gratefully accepted and go towards meeting festival expenses.


Hungry Lion Bike Tour, September 29

Jen and Christian, who own Ratu’s in Wilmington are looking for bike riders to join their group, “Ratu’s Riders” with an ambitious goal of raising $2,500 to combat food insecurity. This five mile ride travels by two farms with mostly pavement and has an incredible downhill, all in Whitingham! After the ride, which takes only about an hour, join the Lions club for an awesome BBQ and band! 
Raise $25, get a water bottle!
Raise $75 get your water bottle PLUS a bike tour t’shirt!
Raise $100 get your water bottle, t’shirt AND a bag with a bike tour sticker and fun accessories for your bike!
Raise $250 get all of the previous PLUS a professional, limited edition cycling jersey!! Register today!!! 
If the $45 to register is stopping you from riding, let our business sponsor you! Contact Jen 802-275-8372!

September 7, 2018 Friday Notes

From Wayne:

Preschool Playground Work Session:  Tomorrow, Saturday (9/8)  from 1:00-4:00, we will have a work session on the Preschool playground.  Projects will include building a sandbox, moving the small play house from the Meeting House and erecting the play structure.  Hope to see you there!

Open House:  Next Thursday from 6:30-7:30, we will have an Open House.  Please come and see all the new changes we have made on the building and have a tour of your child’s classroom.

Reminder regarding All School Sing:  All School Sing will be on Fridays from 8:30-9:00.  All are welcome!

AMP Meeting Date/Time Survey:  If you interested in joining AMP, please fill out this SURVEY.  We would like to identify, which day of the week and week of the month works for most of us.  Please note that anyone can come anytime.

Please see the following letter and survey from the Agency of Education:

Dear Schools,

The Vermont Legislators, in bill H.16 have requested the Vermont Standards Board for Professional Educators (VSBPE) submit a report to the Senate and House Education Committees on or before December 1, 2018 in regards to Vermont educator licensure rules and requirements, specifically if current requirements are appropriate or should be updated.

The VSBPE has created a survey that addresses all current licensing requirements. The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. The information you provide will be used in the December report and could have implications for you as an educator moving forward.

We are asking the following of you:

  • Please complete the survey by September 13, 2018
  • Please distribute this survey to parents
  • Please distribute to staff

I understand what an incredibly busy time this is for you as you begin your 2018-19 school year and greatly appreciate any time that you can give to this.

Please let me know if you have any questions,


Debi Price, Vermont Agency of Education – Educator Quality Division Director o: (802) 479-1701 | Fax: (802) 479-4313 219 North Main Street, Suite 402 | Barre, VT 05641

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L’After Session 1 begins Monday, 9/10/18: Lots of active and creative options are available! Session 1 Brochure

Upcoming Events

Sept 13 Open House 6:30-7:30
Sept 15 Marlboro Fair Day, Muster Field 10-4
Sept 19-20 JH Overnight Trip to Mt Mansfield
Sept 20 School Board Sub-Committee Meeting 6:30
Sept 27 School Board Meeting 6:30 pm
Sept 28 Fall Fiesta
Oct 02 School Picture Day

Hiring Updates

We have hired two art teachers!  Jamie Schilling will be our art teacher for grades PK-4.  She is a parent to two Marlboro School students and has many years of classroom experience.  Donald Saaf will teach grades 5-8.  He is also a Marlboro resident and brings almost 20 years of teaching students in many different capacities.  In addition to teaching a weekly art class, I have created additional time for them to work in the classrooms on arts integrated projects.  We feel very lucky to have both of them join our community.

Physical Education Teacher and Kindergarten/Preschool Assistant are currently in the interview process.

Have a great weekend,   Wayne

Road Speed Signs

With incredible determination from our town officials and Celena Romo, we will have speed road signs installed for the next school year.  Please thank them for all their hard work. 

New Preschool Teacher

We are very excited to announce that we have hired our Preschool teacher.  She will also be our interventionist for preschool through grade 2.  Her name is Amanda Georgeson.

Here is a note from Amanda:

Hi! I am beyond excited to be joining the staff and community of Marlboro Elementary!!   My family and I recently moved from Summit County Colorado to Wardsboro, Vermont in June of 2017 for a job opportunity my fiancé was given at Mount Snow.  In Colorado I worked as a substitute teacher, a preschool teacher in a private Montessori preschool, and six years as a preschool teacher in a public elementary school in Breckenridge, CO.  This past school year I worked as both a preschool and kindergarten teacher at Twin Valley Elementary while covering two maternity leaves. Continue reading “New Preschool Teacher”

New 5/6 Grade Teacher, Liz Greco

We are also excited to report our 5/6 teacher or next year.  Liz is a recent graduate of Antioch College and is certified in both special education and elementary education.  She is a strong believer in authentic learning and thematic interdisciplinary units.  Her past work includes teaching English in Peru, 3/4 combined classroom teacher at Lee H Kellogg School in CT, which is an EL Education school, and a special education teacher at Academy School in West Brattleboro.  Her interests include poetry, coaching soccer, cycling and gardening.