Calendar of Events

  • Jan 23 There will be NO All School Sing Today.
  • Jan 24 Instrumental Concert in the Outback 6:30 pm
    School Board Meeting 6:30 pm
  • Feb 20-24 SCHOOL CLOSED February Recess

Note from Francie 1/20/17

Living in Vermont we embrace winter and all the wild weather it can bring. On Wednesday the wet snow made for perfect conditions for snow sculpture building. We divided into our multi age teams, rang the recess bell 15 minutes early, and headed out to the field to create animals of every size and description – sea tortoises, a cat, a sea serpent, and several mythical creatures. At the end we walked around as a whole school as the judges (Ellen and I!) pointed out amazing features of each beast. It’s great to be in a small school where creativity, cooperation, and fun are valued! Continue reading “Note from Francie 1/20/17”

Note From Andrea Howe, Bus Coordinator

Thanks to parents, students and staff for their patience, understanding and for pitching in after school on Tuesday when we had bus troubles.

Our new smaller bus is getting a lot of good use.  Students have been very cooperative making space for three to a seat and “sardining” so everyone is safely seated. 

As a reminder to parents, if your student misses the bus, and you come up behind the bus at a stop, it is very unsafe to let your student approach the bus from the rear of the bus. Do not let your student, out of your car, to board the bus from the rear.  Please continue on to school with your child, unless you can arrive at a stop, ahead of the bus, where other students are waiting. Then your student can board safely there.

Greetings from our kitchen,

Virginia Woolf once said “One cannot love well, think well, sleep well if one has not dined well”.

This philosophy is helping guide us in our culinary efforts as we strive to provide nutrient dense food with an emphasis on more local offerings than ever before. If there is anything we can do to improve your family members experience in our food program please contact me via email at

I look forward to meeting you; thank you!

Brian Newcomb

Food Service Director


Do you need help stacking wood or do you have a garden full of weeds? Well, junior high students can help with that. Please call the school phone number 254-2668. Ask for Camilla or Ben for more details.

Open Library

christmas-books-001After seeing the success of the Summer Library Program begun by Jess Weitz (and support from CLiF and the Marlboro Alliance), we would like to invite pre-schoolers, homeschoolers and any other families living in Marlboro to come by on Friday mornings between 10 and 11:30. This is a good time to browse the collection, read to/with your own child and check out books. Students from several classrooms will also be in and out of the library choosing books, but there should be plenty of space for all!