Marlboro School Home/School Compact


The School:
Will provide an academic program with high standards and support for students in reaching those standards.

  • Staff will be positive role models for students:
    • Be available to students, parents, and the community
    • Use effective instructional strategies
    • Use best practices
    • Communicate in a positive manner
    • Respond to concerns
    • Be proactive
    • Build on strengths
    • Engage in lifelong learning
    • Support school events
    • Promote self-esteem
    • Use current technology, as appropriate
  • Will communicate with families;
    • Progress Reports
    • Parent Conferences
    • Student Led Conferences
    • Weekly newsletters (Friday Notes)
    • Special request conferences scheduled as needed throughout the year
  • Will encourage parent involvement, participation, and input


  • Will read to or with your child(ren) at least 15-30 minutes every day
    • to develop fluent readers
    • to establish the habit of reading

***  Reading to, with, or by a child is the best preparation for reading growth.  Successful readers come from homes where the adults demonstrate the importance of reading on a regular basis.

  • Will provide homework support
    • Provide encouragement and time for homework in the family’s schedule
    • Provide a quiet space for study
    • Provide homework supplies as needed
    • Encourage your child to complete homework and turn it in on time
  • Will ensure attendance at school every day (please telephone the school if your child is ill)
  • Will communicate with the school
  • Will attend parent/student/teacher conferences
  • Will participate in school activities as possible
    • Attend student performances and presentations
    • Volunteer in the classroom
    • Chaperone on field research trips
    • Help with Winter Sports
    • Assist with special school events and after school programs


When schools and families work together to support learning, children benefit through increased self-esteem, better attendance, and positive attitudes.