A Final Note from Francie

On Monday the 8th graders will graduate. All week they have been presenting their graduation portfolios organized around the Marlboro Realms of Learning: Problem Solving, Communication, Civic and Social Responsibility, Personal Development, and Knowledge. I learn so much about each of these students as they reflect on their learning and the work they’ve done at Marlboro School. They are well prepared for their next step. Ben, Samantha, Jordan, Lilly, and Sloan will go on to Brattleboro Union High School; Forrest and Nieve head off to the Compass School; and Merou and Broden will attend the Putney School. Congratulations and best wishes to the 8th grade class!
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Fitness Day Competition

Congratulations and a big Thank You to the members of the Marlboro Magic Fitness Team.
1st grade Matrix & Wycke
2nd Destinie & Duncan
3rd Honora & Kolby
4th Lydia & Orion
5th Roxanne & Skylar
6th Rosalie & Waylund

Everyone did a super job and gave their best effort in all the events. Special thanks to Rosalie who competed against 6th graders and Lydia and Skylar who were filling in for students that were unable to attend the event. Also, thanks to Orion for taking Waylund’s place in the final relay. Continue reading “Fitness Day Competition”


Dear Marlboro School Community,

You may have heard that this year will be my final year at MES.  It has been a wonderful 6 years.  Marlboro Elementary is a great place to work and play.  I feel so fortunate to have been the PE teacher here. The school, the students, their families and the staff at MES have been so wonderful to work with.  It has been a great experience. Thank you for your support and for the opportunity to work with your children.

Sincerely yours, John Bentley

Ticks are Out

I have put some interesting information on the Parent Bulletin board in the hallway. Please help yourself to it! Some of the info is from the CDC and some has a more alternative approach to prevention and taking care of yourself. There’s also a pamphlet about the various tick-borne illnesses. It’s not just Lyme that is out there! Take good care! Nurse Susan

Note from Francie June 2, 2017

As we get closer to the end of the school year students continue to learn by doing and demonstrating that learning in many ways. Here’s a peek into each classroom!


    • Kindergarten – Chicken eggs will hatch next week. This miracle reinforces all the hard work students have been doing as they turn the eggs and check the temperature every day.
    • Primary – Students are demonstrating reading fluency and proficiency with Readers Theater performances for other classes. They also celebrated their work with Ann Gengarelly in a Poetry Reading.
    • North EL – Students are making clay boats and using the data they’ve gathered to learn about math concepts such as mean, median, and mode. math activity. More math is involved as they learn geometry to help them plan the planting of the garden.
    • South EL – As part of a unit on the Odyssey, students are creating dioramas and writing opinion pieces to address the question, “Is Odysseus a hero?”
    • Junior High – In preparation for graduation students are culling their work folders, adding to their portfolio binders, and beginning to work on their reflections. Next Thursday the 8th graders will go to the Town House in the evening to share their most polished writing pieces.


For Art and Music, the Spring Concert and Art Show, June 6, 6:30pm will be the culmination of a year’s worth of work. I look forward to seeing you there!   ~  Francie

Note from Francie 5/26/17

Teacher Appreciation Week is a wonderful thing! Thanks to all of you who have contributed in ways large and small. Every morning we’ve been surprised by a table full of delicious goodies – and today we’re looking forward to having lunch together in the library with P&F providing supervision coverage for recess and classrooms and more yummy food. It’s a great way to end the week.

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Note from Francie 5/19/17

Spring is the season for stepped up Outside Works at Marlboro School! The South EL trip last week is a great example. Kudos to staff members Gary Keiser, Andrea Howe, Nancie Schwartz Angell, and Erik Schickedanz, and parent chaperones, Emily Walsh, Forrest Holzapfel, and Tara Brown! The three main activities took us all over Vermont – to Fort Ticonderoga, VINS, and the Montshire where we learned about history, natural history, and engineering! These activities were great, but an unexpected bonus to the trip was our time in Tunbridge. Andrea has lots of family there and, thanks to her, we were offered amazing hospitality. One of her cousins is the president of the Tunbridge World’s Fairgrounds and he worked it out for us to stay in one of the pavilions – a surprisingly comfortable concrete floor! Another cousin is an organic dairy farmer and he invited us to his farm at the end of the evening milking. The kids had a chance to learn about dairying and to meet the cows up close and personal. All in all we learned a lot about many different aspects of Vermont! Continue reading “Note from Francie 5/19/17”

Note from Francie 4/28/17

Dear Families,

It’s been a week full of many emotions and much uncertainty as we learned of the illness of Pamela’s daughter Alice and began to understand what that means for Pamela and Alice and what it means for us.

Pamela and Alice are home now. Intensive treatments for Ewings Sarcoma, a form of cancer, will start in several weeks. If you would like to support them, there is a Meal Train site where you can sign up.  https://www.mealtrain.com/trains/7n260n Continue reading “Note from Francie 4/28/17”

Note from Francie 4/14/17

The Junior High field research trip to Costa Rica was a resounding success! The students were totally engaged, embracing every new experience – walking in the tropical forest, looking for animals and birds

such as monkeys, pizotes, and quetzals; milking cows and learning about the biodigestor that turns their manure into methane for the kitchen stove; viewing bats in a cave and learning about their importance to the ecosystem; visiting an elementary school where the students danced for us and several of our students danced the Sword Dance; sharing a meal in a local home where they were challenged to communicate in Spanish; and topping off the trip with a day at the beach. They learned a lot about the country and the culture, about each other, and about themselves. Continue reading “Note from Francie 4/14/17”

Note from Francie 3/31/17

Last week South EL students presented the independent research they had been working on for weeks. The topics ranged from dirt biking to Benedict Arnold to women’s suffrage to how cats’ eyes work – each student chose something of special interest to them. I was able to sit in on several of the presentations and was impressed by the quality of the slides and the students’ delivery – speaking slowly and clearly with good eye contact. Congratulations, South EL!

Thank you to Gail and Dan MacArthur for hosting North EL for an impromptu visit to their sugarhouse on Thursday. The weather was lovely and they were boiling sap for the last time this season. Gail brought the class over in the bus – another advantage to the school owning busses. Dan explained the whole sugaring process. The students gathered some sap and added it to the sap that was already boiling. Then Gail gave them each a nice taste of the final product – maple syrup! Continue reading “Note from Francie 3/31/17”

Note from Francie 3/23/17

The Basketball Jamboree was a great success. Players and parents enjoying light-hearted competition. Pizza was enjoyed by all. Coaches recognized each of the players and the growth they made during the season. And players and parents expressed appreciation to coaches Will Brooke deBock, Matt Chapman, Shawna Smith, and Amber and John Sinclair. Continue reading “Note from Francie 3/23/17”

Note from Francie

Every few years we ask you to complete a survey to let us know how we’re doing. This year we are combining with the other schools in the Windham Central Supervisory Union. We are using the same survey and will use the Marlboro School results to help us with our Marlboro Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) and will use the WCSU results to inform the Supervisory Union CIP.

Please take a few minutes to complete this 10 item survey.  Marlboro Family Survey  Thanks! The survey window will close on March 25. Continue reading “Note from Francie”

Note from Francie 3/10/17

The plan to merge with Dover and Wardsboro to consolidate school governance was voted down on Tuesday. Discussion was spirited at Town Meeting with a wide range of opinions expressed. Support for maintaining Marlboro’s Junior High and keeping the discussion and vote on the school budget at the Marlboro Town Meeting were key reasons voiced for voting “No”. This also gives us a year to develop the proposal for an alternative structure and to see if the state will accept it. I’ll keep you informed as this work gets started. Continue reading “Note from Francie 3/10/17”

Where Do I Turn?

When parents have concerns about their child – whether it be academic, behavioral, social, or emotional – they need to know who to talk to. We encourage you to always start with your child’s teacher. Teachers are happy to schedule face-to-meetings. Each teacher has preferred methods of communication, such as email or phone, which they will let you know at the beginning of the school year.

If you do not feel comfortable contacting your child’s teacher, the principal and the guidance counselor are always available to discuss your questions and concerns.

List of staff email addresses 

Note from Francie 3/3/17

A full week of school without a snow day – yay! We are back in the swing of things with exciting learning going on in all classes.

Monday will be our last day of Winter Sports. The ice rink will be closed so the skaters can look forward to an afternoon of candlepin bowling in Wilmington. This should be fun as well as a chance to try out a new sport.

Wayne Kermenski, our new principal, will be here on Monday to begin to get to know this wonderful school community. He will attend Sing and, afterwards, I am hosting a Parent Coffee for any of you who are able to join us. I know you‘re eager to meet Wayne, so don’t worry if you can’t make it. We’ll let you know soon regarding the date for an evening meeting with parents. Continue reading “Note from Francie 3/3/17”

Marlboro Elementary School Selects New Principal

Marlboro families, I am absolutely delighted to share this very good news with you. Enjoy the vacation! ~ Francie

The Marlboro School District Board is pleased to announce that they have reached agreement with Wayne Kermenski to become the principal beginning in the 2017-2018 school year. Mr. Kermenski was selected after a thorough process involving a variety of stakeholders. In the Fall, outgoing principal, Francie Marbury, hosted a series of facilitated conversation with students, parents and community members, and the school board to develop a job description for the next principal. Continue reading “Marlboro Elementary School Selects New Principal”

Note from Francie 2/10/17

My apologies for making the wrong call on Thursday morning. The snow came in faster and harder than we anticipated. I appreciate both those of you who entrusted your children to us and those of you who made the decision not to send your children to school. And I ask you to join me in appreciating Andrea and Peter, our bus drivers, who got children to school and home again safely.

The weather has been keeping all of us on our toes. With more snow coming Sunday afternoon we are postponing the CLiF sponsored author’s visit by Jessie Haas until Sunday, March 5,  4pm at the Town House, next to the property with the office building and the port moody condos for sale. Continue reading “Note from Francie 2/10/17”