Calendar of Events

  • Mar 23 Basketball Jamboree 5 pm
  • Apr 9-13 JH Field Research Trip to Washington, DC
  • Apr 16-20 NO SCHOOL – April Recess
  • Apr 26 School Board Meet 6:30 pm
    4/30-5/4 South El Field Research Trip to KEEC Camp
  • May 28 NO SCHOOL – Memorial Day
  • May 30 Art Show & Concert Night 6pm
  • June 19 Est. Last Day of School IF no more snow days (5 to date 3/14)

Ethnicity Survey

Attached to paper Friday notes is a survey asking you to identify the ethnicity of your child.  This information was not requested in the past, but is now required for our records.   Here is a link to the survey:  Ethnicity Survey  If you would prefer to do a paper submission, please use the form that was sent home. We need this information as soon as possible. Thank you!

News from ART

For the month of March the following students are representing our school in the Student Art Month Exhibit at Brooks Memorial Library:

  • K: Louisa, Henry, Nella, Owen T., Felix, Owen
  • Primary: Matrix, Milo, Vera, Mena, Juniper, Wycke
  • N. El: Avah, McKenzie, Nane, Gabe, Juno, Chloe,
  • S. El: Roxanne, Maise, Emily, Dillyn, Dante
  • JH: Josh, Ritter, Austin, Camilla, Sarah, Willow, Phoenix, Edmund, Jeremiah, Anthony, Hannah

Marlboro School Social Justice Discussion Group

First Meeting – Friday, March 30th, 5:30pm

The Association of Marlboro Parents (AMP) is inviting all Marlboro parents, teachers, and community members to join us in an 8-part discussion series focused on social justice in our community. With the aid of a facilitator, we will be following the “Foundations in Social Justice for Parents & Educators Course” designed by Oak Meadow. The course begins with an exploration of the principles of social justice, and includes units on racial justice, economic justice, disability justice, and gender justice, as well as touching on many related topics.

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March Reading Challenge

Monday will be the official launch of our March Reading Challenge, which will run until Monday, April 9 (21 days). While the main goal of this challenge is to get kids excited about reading for pleasure, this year we are going to invite the broader community to support students’ efforts by donating to the school library. The money raised (per book or a flat amount) will help fund author visits and other library activities for this year and beyond. The fundraising part is totally streamlined and will be hosted by a site called You will be able to reach out to friends and family by email, Facebook, and Twitter, and any other ways you and your child choose to – online or offline. Each child will have their own personal reading goal and there will also be a school wide reading goal. We’ll provide a way at school for kids to track their reading based on their goals. Continue reading “March Reading Challenge”

The Fairy

by Vera in Primary, From The Poetry Studio

My long hair paints the blue sky,
the color of gold.
One red rose is in my hair, making my hair
as beautiful as the sun rising.
If people need help,
I help them with my loving heart.
If people are having war,
I spread my magic kindness all over the world.

Winter Sports

Another successful winter sports program! Many thanks to our volunteers and all the people who went the extra mile to make this happen.

Safety Procedure Updates

Going home with print Friday Notes is information on what parents/guardians should do if there ever is an emergency. Please read them over and please contact me if you have any comments or questions.

18-19 New Hires

Marlboro school has had incredible stability throughout the years. This has been a strength of Marlboro, but we are now entering a transitional period. Ellen (Kindergarten), Christine (special education teacher), and Sue (art teacher), will be retiring at the end of this year. In addition, Pamela has made the decision not to return as the South EL (5th and 6th grade) teacher. We are going to miss them and we wish them luck on their new journeys. They have made a profound impact on our school that will remain into the future. We are adding a preschool and will need additional educators to join our community as well. This leads us to recruiting many new faces for next year.

Here is a list of positions needing to be filled for the 18-19 school year
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“Date” with a book

The excitement was palpable after an announcement at Monday’s all school sing that there were books in the library looking for a “blind date.” In just three days, 41 books from the blind date display were checked out and three of those have already been read and returned! That means that more than half of the students in school participated. Ask your child if s/he chose a blind date book to read over vacation, and if so, what they thought of it.

Please send in written notes

It may be old-fashioned but it still works best to send a written note (dated and signed) to school whenever your student has alternate travel plans or any changes and notifications from you to the school. Also please call 254-2668 when your student will be absent or tardy.  E-mail is fine for follow-up but may not get where they need to go. Thank you!

Colds & Flu

We have been having quite a few colds, coughs, aches and more severe illness this week.  Knowing when it is just a cold and when it is the flu can be confusing as the flu can present with mild symptoms similar to a cold.  Both are respiratory illnesses and are caused by a virus.  Generally a flu can have more intense symptoms such as fever (can go as high as 103-105 with children), body aches, chills.  If your child has these symptoms call your provider; they can test for the flu and track it and if it is caught early they may treat with an antiviral medicine which can lessen symptoms and shorten the duration of illness.

Remember no matter the illness but particularly with a high fever, keep hydrated. If your child cannot keep much down try a medicine cup amount of water at a time.  Please remember to keep your child home if they have a fever, serious cough, greenish nasal drainage, vomiting, or diarrhea. Regarding fevers, keep your child home until they are fever-free for 24 hours without any fever-reducing medicine such as tylenol or motrin.  For more information check the CDC (Center for Disease Control)website, 

-Nurse Kathleen

Community Meeting – Preschool

We had a very nice meeting last Tuesday and there was a good turnout even with the inclement weather.  Overall, parents were very excited about moving to a public preschool.  If you are interested in either being on the interview committee for the new teachers or helping to shape the programming, please let me know.  We will be starting this work in the coming weeks.  Here is the presentation from our meeting for you to review: Community Meeting – Public Preschool

New Public Preschool

Dear Parents and Community Members of Marlboro School,

January 9, 2018

Last month, the Marlboro Meeting House Board voted to cease operations in the spring of 2018. For the several months, the Meeting House School Board has had meetings with Marlboro School Board Members and Administrators to prepare a smooth transition from a private preschool to a public preschool.

There were many factors that led to the decision by the Meeting House School Board but two important ones were:
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Hearing & Vision Screening

The annual hearing and vision screening will be done for students in grades K,1,3,5, and (just vision) in grade 7 in January/Feb. It is a brief, preliminary screening and for any abnormal results a note will be sent home for families to follow-up with their own practitioner. Also, if your child has an updated immunization and/or physical or asthma plan please send the information to me so that we may keep our records updated. Thank you.

Nurse Kathleen O’Neill

 Snow Cancellations

Similar to the past, I will send out an All Call through Blackboard Connect at 6:00 AM. In addition, the radio stations will be notified and I will post it to our website.

Please let me know if you did not get a call on the first Snow Day.

Bus Schedule Change

Dear Parents, and students, who live on MacArthur, Fox, Ames Hill and South Roads:

There will be a bus route change starting the Monday after the Thanksgiving recess that will impact afternoon home arrival times. Bus stops after Cowpath 40 on Ames Hill Rd. and South Road, will be arriving approximately 12- 15 minutes earlier. The MacArthur, Fox, and Ames Hill to Cowpath 40 roads will be arriving at the current scheduled times.

A revised bus schedule effective November 27th, the first Monday after vacation was sent home with Friday Notes.

If there are questions or concerns please contact Andrea Howe 254-8170 or ahowe@marlboroschool .net

New Standardized Testing

NGSS Standardized Testing: NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) assessments will begin this Spring and will replace the NECAP. In addition to changes in the science standards, grade 5 will be assessed instead of grade 4. Students in grades 8 and 11 will continue to be assessed as well that’s why resources as saps ibu bapa are important to approving these tests. I have attached the official memo for your reference:

New Next Generation Science Standards-Aligned Assessment

VT Standardized Testing Results

All of our results are in and  the school will be mailing them home next week. The two whole school takeaways are:

  1. Comparing 2016 and 2017, there was an increase in the percentage of students receiving proficient or above in both math and ELA.
  2. We were above the state average in ELA, but not in math.