Bus Info

School days are here again! Marlboro Elementary School buses will begin pick-up and delivery service for students on Wednesday, August 30. For the 17-18 school year, there are a few changes to the bus routes and schedules.  Please see below for details. These changes were made to reduce time spent on the bus and travel safer routes during the winter.  If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Andrea Howe by phone at 254-8170, or by email –  ahowe@marlboroschool.net   

Andrea Howe will be continue as the Bus Coordinator.  She will be sharing the South Road, Ames Hill, Route 9 east of MES route with Angela Mousseau.  Peter Barus will continue driving Augur Hole, Higley Hill, and Route 9 west of the MES.

Below are the guidelines for safe riding practices. Please go over these safety rules with your child(ren).

To be a safe passenger, it is important to:

  • Find your seat quickly
  • Stay in your seat during your ride.
  • Be respectful to other passengers, the driver and the bus. Talk quietly.
  • Keep your hands to yourself and any items you may be carrying on your lap.
  • Keep all things in the bus. Nothing goes out the windows.

Safety precautions when crossing in front of the school bus:

When getting picked up:

  • Walk 10 big steps to the front of the bus, to where the driver can see you.
  • Make eye contact with the school bus driver to make sure he/she sees that you need to cross in front of the bus.
  • Wait for a “thumbs up” from the driver, meaning it is OK to cross and always cross at the front of the school bus.

When returning home:

  • Exit the bus and look at the school bus driver for a sign that it is OK to walk in front of the bus. Walk in front of the bus, then look left-right-left to see if there are vehicles coming. If it is clear, walk to the other side of the street.
  • If you drop something near the bus or need to return to the bus, make sure the driver knows you’re intent and there is both verbal permission and eye contact before returning to the bus. Never run after the bus or try to pick something up by, under, or near the bus.  

K-3 Students:

Any K-3rd graders must be met by a parent or designated responsible adult.  If there is no one to greet them, they will be returned to the school after the route has been completed.

Changes to a student’s regular bus schedule:

If you have made other after school arrangements for your child, a note will need to be submitted with details.  If there is no note, students will be required to follow their regular schedule.

Consequences for unsafe riding practices:

1) First Offense:  The driver will give a verbal warning, which might include moving the student or students to another seat.

2) Second Offense:  The student(s) will be moved to another seat.  Parents and principal will be notified.

3) Third Offense:  Riding privileges will be suspended for three (3) days.  Parents and principal will be notified.

4) Subsequent Offenses:  Riding privileges will be suspended for five (5) days and can lead to a loss of privilege for the remainder of the school year.  Parents and principal will be notified.


General Important Information

  • Students being driven, riding a bike, walking or running to school should not arrive earlier than 8 a.m. and must leave school no later than 3 p.m.
  • If you are driving your child, it is very important that he/she be here promptly at 8:15. A late arrival time makes it difficult for your student to start the day.
  • Students are asked to go to the primary playground until the morning bell rings.  If your child is late he/she must check in at the office.
  • Please call the office 254-2668 by 8:15 if your child will not be in school. this is for his/her protection.
  • Please check in at the office when visiting the school.  There is a clipboard for visitors to sign-in and as usual always sign-out your child if they must leave early for any reason.
  • Also when visiting or dropping off and picking up your child, please observe these parking lot guidelines for everyone’s safety and a smooth flow of traffic.  School is dismissed at 2:45pm via the primary playground.   Buses are loaded and ready to go at 2:48pm. In case of a heavy rain, please park and come into your child’s classroom for pick up.

Parking lot guidelines:

  • First, we would like to encourage you to have your child ride the bus in order to reduce traffic.
  • Do not stop in bus loading zone, the area from the front entryway of the building all the way back to the dumpster.
  • Do not park beyond the chain link fence at the exit, buses need room to swing wide.
  • Allow buses the right of way when exiting.
  • You may park down by the former recycling area.
  • Pull all the way up to the playground split-rail fence to drop off your student.
  • Keep the center travel line clear.  Please no double parking.
  • Please escort your student if they need to cross the parking lot.
  • Thank you.

A written note from a parent or guardian is required if a child is going anywhere but to his expected afternoon bus stop. If we do not have a note, we will ask the child to go home on his regular bus. It is very helpful to have a note regarding any change of afternoon plans, such as parents picking up or a person other than the usual person picking up, or children going to another child’s house. Please make all arrangements before school and send a written note of your intention.

Note from a parent or guardian is required if a child is allowed to walk or bike to and from school.