Calendar of Events

  • Oct 20 SCHOOL CLOSED Parent Teacher Conferences K-Grade 4
  • Oct 26 School Board Meeting 6:30 pm
  • Oct 27 North EL Field Research at Brattleboro Museum 12:30-1:30
  • Oct 31 Please Join Us for All School HALLOWEEN SING 8:30 am
  • Nov 5 Daylight Saving Time Ends. Turn Back Time.
  • Nov 9 Association of Marlboro Parents AMP Meeting 7 pm
  • Nov 20-24 NO SCHOOL
  • Nov 20 Grade 5 through 8 Parent Conferences
  • Nov 21 Teacher’s Work Day
  • Nov 22 -24 Holiday Break

Association of Marlboro Parents (AMP)

Formally known as Parents and Friends, AMP met last night to begin a conversation about the direction the group would like to take. Some ideas that were discussed included:

  • Organizing informational workshops/films/discussions on supporting children’s mental and social health
  • Providing school related events such as dances and fundraising.
  • Promoting social justice initiatives throughout the school.
    If you are interested in any of these directions or would like to offer other ideas, please join us for our next meeting, November 9th at 7:00.

Integrated Field Review

On October 24th, Marlboro will be hosting a Pilot Integrated Field Review from the VT AOE. This is one way in which the state measures the WCSU and our school on meeting VT’s Education Quality Standards (EQS), which are (1) academic proficiency, (2) personalized learning, (3) safe and healthy schools, (4) high quality staffing and (5) financial efficiencies. The day will consist of classroom observations, interviews with parents, teachers and students, and an overall facilities tour. I commend VT for creating this comprehensive structure and not simply relying on standardized testing as the only evaluative tool to measure schools and students. For more information on this Integrated Field Review, please refer to the link below:

VT’s Integrated Field Review: board-agenda-item-032117-p-integrated-field-review.pdf

Manure/Organic Matter Needed

Our compost center is in need of animal manure and organic matter such as wood chips or leaves. If you are able to bring these items to the school, please let me know. I will thank you greatly and let you know where to drop them off.

JH Class Trip to Mt Chocorua

We had a great mountain trip, thanks to Chief Chocorua who smiled on our hike. Also, many thanks to our chaperones Matt Chapman, Haley Elisha, and Jess Weitz, and thanks to Carie Kowalski who bought us so much good food, and all of you who baked cookies to keep us going on the trail, even though we had a little setback on the way there and had to look for a 60 Gallon air compressor because of a flat tire, once we fixed it we were able to have an awesome experience. Here we are after conquering Mt. Chocorua (in the background).

Local Common Assessment System

We are currently in the middle of administering our Local Common Assessment System or LCAS. Like years in the past, Marlboro has used assessments to measure growth throughout the year. These assessments included Fountas and Pinnell to measure reading comprehension or the PNOA to measure Primary Number and Operations (Assessment) for our emerging mathematicians. For the 17-18 school year, we are using Advantage Math Recovery, Aimsweb, Dibels and TWS-5 (test of written spelling) as outlined in the Continuous Improvement Plan. These tests will be performed three times a year and used to inform our curriculum and instruction along with meeting the needs of all Marlboro students. Please feel free to reach out and ask any questions.

Junior High Rent-A-Kid

Need your leaves raked, wood stacked, children to be cared for? Rent-A-Kid is just the thing for you. We are always willing to help out with your needs. Call the school at (802)254-2668, and ask for Camilla Shapiro, name your date, we can help out. We can cater to other chores besides the ones I have mentioned, we are always open to suggestions. Don’t hesitate to share our services with your friends, we would be happy to help.

Thank you -Camilla Shapiro