Times are changing

Marlboro school has had incredible stability throughout the years. This has been a strength of Marlboro, but we are now entering a transitional period. Ellen (Kindergarten), Christine (special education teacher), and Sue (art teacher), will be retiring at the end of this year. In addition, Pamela has made the decision not to return as the South EL (5th and 6th grade) teacher. We are going to miss them and we wish them luck on their new journeys. They have made a profound impact on our school that will remain into the future. We are adding a preschool and will need additional educators to join our community as well. This leads us to recruiting many new faces for next year.

Here is a list of positions needing to be filled for the 18-19 school year
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Social Justice Initiative

You will be receiving a separate email from AMP regarding the Social Justice Initiative starting March 2nd. This is a very exciting opportunity for our community to come together to make significant changes to our children’s education and lives. Please join us for thoughtful conversation and dinner for the whole family. Child care will be provided.

“Date” with a book

The excitement was palpable after an announcement at Monday’s all school sing that there were books in the library looking for a “blind date.” In just three days, 41 books from the blind date display were checked out and three of those have already been read and returned! That means that more than half of the students in school participated. Ask your child if s/he chose a blind date book to read over vacation, and if so, what they thought of it.

Colds & Flu

We have been having quite a few colds, coughs, aches and more severe illness this week.  Knowing when it is just a cold and when it is the flu can be confusing as the flu can present with mild symptoms similar to a cold.  Both are respiratory illnesses and are caused by a virus.  Generally a flu can have more intense symptoms such as fever (can go as high as 103-105 with children), body aches, chills.  If your child has these symptoms call your provider; they can test for the flu and track it and if it is caught early they may treat with an antiviral medicine which can lessen symptoms and shorten the duration of illness.

Remember no matter the illness but particularly with a high fever, keep hydrated. If your child cannot keep much down try a medicine cup amount of water at a time.  Please remember to keep your child home if they have a fever, serious cough, greenish nasal drainage, vomiting, or diarrhea. Regarding fevers, keep your child home until they are fever-free for 24 hours without any fever-reducing medicine such as tylenol or motrin.  For more information check the CDC (Center for Disease Control)website, www.cdc.gov. 

-Nurse Kathleen