Note from Francie 9/30/16

Words Come Alive! We have had an amazing week with Susanna Olson of the Flynn Center. Please ask your child what kinds of activities they did with her. She has brought many different books into the classroom that extend some part of what that class is studying – and then the students have truly brought them alive. In Kindergarten, where transportation is the theme, they acted out The Wheels on the Bus; in Primary bubble dances were the grand finale, while In North EL, decomposition was dramatized as they acted out carrot tops turning into soil. South EL created and delivered Shakespearian insults. Based on their current reading of mysteries the Junior High analyzed characters from their stories and then brought them to life through drama and movement. Thanks to CLiF (the Children’s Literacy Foundation) and the Flynn Center for bringing this deep and rich experience to our students. Continue reading “Note from Francie 9/30/16”

Note from Francie 9/23/16

Word from the north is that the Junior High had a successful and beautiful hike up Mt. Mansfield on Thursday. We will welcome them back to school Friday afternoon!

Next week we dive into our CLiF sponsored artist residency called Words Come Alive! with Susanna Olson of The Flynn Center. The staff will meet with her on Monday afternoon and she will work with each class over the next four days. We’re excited! I look forward to giving you a full report next week. Continue reading “Note from Francie 9/23/16”

Note from Francie 9/16/16

Looks like beautiful weather for the Marlboro Fair on Saturday. Remember that any student who works at the Fair or brings something to exhibit in the Kids Tent will receive free admission. There will be lots of fun activities, good music, and delicious food. Hope to see you at the Muster Field from 10-4!

The Compost Center is almost ready for action! Erik vonRanson, Gabe and Sean’s dad, was hard at work this week building the bins that the compost will “cook” in. Thank you, Erik! In the meantime, we’re practicing a new sorting system. There are now six containers that collect our waste: food scraps, compostable paper products that have been used for food, waxed milk cartons, paper recycling, can and bottle recycling, and trash. As we begin to compost here at school, the first two containers will go into the compost. The milk containers along with most paper towels will continue to be picked up and taken to the Waste Management facility for composting. The next two will be recycled as before. And the trash will go to the landfill. The super good news is that there is much less going to the landfill! Continue reading “Note from Francie 9/16/16”

Note from Francie 9/2/16

It was wonderful to see so many of you at the New Year’s Eve BBQ. Heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers who jumped in to plan, set up, serve, cook, and clean up. Jess Weitz, our CLiF Year of the Book coordinator took the lead. The CliF Read to Me! Contract and the Family Schedule of CLiF events are attached. Remember, if 80% of our families sign and return the contract, we will have a special Valentine’s event including an author visit, cocoa, and cookies.

Continue reading “Note from Francie 9/2/16”

Final Friday Note of the Year

Thank you for all your support this past year. It was a very good one.

On Tuesday evening nine 8th graders graduated. The ceremony, planned entirely by the students with the help of Rachel and Tim, was lovely and unique. It reflected perfectly the personalities of the students who graduated. It was also a testimony to the creativity and hard work of the 7th graders and their parents who came up with the theme, invited Gail Greenleaf, the class speaker, decorated the Outback and prepared the food and served at the reception following the ceremony. Continue reading “Final Friday Note of the Year”