North El.

Erica Morse, classroom teacher

Welcome to North Elementary! We are a combined classroom for 3rd and 4th grade.

North El. Weekly Newsletters

Community building is the foundation for a productive classroom and our work the first month of the school year focuses on creating a positive social climate.  This climate is maintained through daily class meetings, problem solving, creating collaborative group rules and many other daily routines that make up the culture of an emotionally supportive classroom.  

The academic skills instruction in Erica’s Room is determined on an individual needs basis.  In addition to cooperative learning, emphasis is placed on developing independent work habits, research skills and a positive home/school connection.

Teacher Interviews & Portraits by our Kindergarten

Erica: I like to walk my dog, I like to go running, play music and play games with my friends. I like to grow lots of vegetables. I love lots of colors but I especially like orange and red and bright colors. I live with my wife, Leslie, in Marlboro. We have 2 dogs and 1 cat. Interview and portrait  by the Kindergarten