A Final Note from Francie

On Monday the 8th graders will graduate. All week they have been presenting their graduation portfolios organized around the Marlboro Realms of Learning: Problem Solving, Communication, Civic and Social Responsibility, Personal Development, and Knowledge. I learn so much about each of these students as they reflect on their learning and the work they’ve done at Marlboro School. They are well prepared for their next step. Ben, Samantha, Jordan, Lilly, and Sloan will go on to Brattleboro Union High School; Forrest and Nieve head off to the Compass School; and Merou and Broden will attend the Putney School. Congratulations and best wishes to the 8th grade class!

Please join me in congratulating Emily Walsh and welcoming her to the position of 5th/6th grade teacher while Pamela Burke is on leave next year. Emily has a strong teaching background. In fact she started her career in education as the Marlboro Art Teacher in 2001. She has also taught at Waldorf inspired schools. This year she is working in the Junior High providing academic support. Emily knows Marlboro well. She will be working closely with Pamela. It should be a great year! Thank you to the hiring committee, Rachel Boyden, Judy Robinson, Christine Moyer, Patti Donnelly, and Wayne Kermenski for making such a good choice!

 All School Sing was wonderful and sad and overwhelming! Thanks to all of you Parents and Friends who presented me with the lovely flowering crab tree. It was planted near the garden (thank you, Robin MacArthur and Saint Rosner!). I look forward to returning to school each spring (and more often!) to see it in bloom – and enjoy the Francie Marbury Compost Palace sign, as well. Thank you!

Giving and receiving appreciation is a wonderful thing. It’s an important part of our school culture – and I love it, but I’ve never been the recipient of quite so much appreciation – memories, appreciations, and a rustic foot stool from the Junior High, a song rewritten and performed in my honor by South EL, a beautiful bouquet of flowers from North EL, a colorful handmade quilt, made by all the students with the help of Paula Lavender, and presented to me by the Primary, and a huge We Will Miss You card from the kindergarten.

I will miss all of you and your children. I’ve been an educator for 34 years and these last 15 have been the best! I dreamed of a school like Marlboro and I’ve considered myself so lucky since the first day I arrived. The school is based on values and beliefs about child development and education that don’t go out of style. They just get better.

And they will get better in the good hands of incoming principal Wayne Kermenski, the staff, and the wonderfully supportive community of the Town of Marlboro.