Fitness Day Competition

Congratulations and a big Thank You to the members of the Marlboro Magic Fitness Team.
1st grade Matrix & Wycke
2nd Destinie & Duncan
3rd Honora & Kolby
4th Lydia & Orion
5th Roxanne & Skylar
6th Rosalie & Waylund

Everyone did a super job and gave their best effort in all the events. Special thanks to Rosalie who competed against 6th graders and Lydia and Skylar who were filling in for students that were unable to attend the event. Also, thanks to Orion for taking Waylund’s place in the final relay.
Things got off to a shaky start for the Magic when Waylund fell at the start of the 50 yd dash and broke his left forearm. He finished the race but had to be transported to BMH to have his arm set. So sad to have one of our best athletes seriously injured. Get Well Soon, Waylund!
It was an action packed day. In addition to all the events, Twin Valley Elementary School has a really cool playground which our students took full advantage of. There were burgers, hot dogs and watermelon for lunch and an award presentation at the end of the day.
Several of our competitors had outstanding results in the individual events.
Wycke and Roxanne were our top scorers. Roxanne placed 1st in the long jump and tied for 1st in the curl up competition. She was 2nd in the dash and 3rd in the mile run.
Wycke placed 1st in the standing long jump and 2nd in the 50 yd dash, the half mile run and pull ups.
Matrix was 2nd in pull ups and 3rd in the dash.
Honora placed 2nd in the half mile run and the long jump. She took 3rd overall in pull ups.
Orion finished 3rd in the dash and ran 2 legs of the relay.

Thanks to all the parents who drove: Sara, Troy, and Emily. Special thanks to Patti for taking Waylund back to MES and for filling in for Emily when we returned to school.