March Reading Challenge

Monday will be the official launch of our March Reading Challenge, which will run until Monday, April 9 (21 days). While the main goal of this challenge is to get kids excited about reading for pleasure, this year we are going to invite the broader community to support students’ efforts by donating to the school library. The money raised (per book or a flat amount) will help fund author visits and other library activities for this year and beyond. The fundraising part is totally streamlined and will be hosted by a site called You will be able to reach out to friends and family by email, Facebook, and Twitter, and any other ways you and your child choose to – online or offline. Each child will have their own personal reading goal and there will also be a school wide reading goal. We’ll provide a way at school for kids to track their reading based on their goals.

The fundraising goal is $500. If you want to encourage some mathematical thinking, you can help your student calculate their own part of that based on the fact that we have about 80 students in our school.

Here’s how it works: In the coming days, you will receive an email with a link to your participant’s pledge page. You do not need to login or change anything. Simply make a donation for whatever you can, and share your participant’s link with friends and family. We are shooting for 100% participation, so no amount is too small.

If you do not receive the email for whatever reason, simply search and find your participant’s online pledge page here:

Here is some sample text to share with family and friends:

NAME is participating in a fundraiser, and would love your support. If you’d like to donate, you can do so online at the following link: YOUR PLEDGE PAGE URL

Thanks for your support!