Have A Happy, Healthy Summer.    From Nurse Susan

It’s finally here….the dog days of summer. Late nights and sleeping in. Fireflies, cookouts where we using those scary slicing knifes, camping, sailing. And lots of swimming and hiking. I hope you all have an eventful summer, filled with great activities and wonderful memories!

Here are a few good reminders to stay safe and healthy:

Also, please be aware that a philosophical exemption from immunizations is no longer accepted in the state of Vermont. A Medical Exemption needs to be signed by the student’s health care practitioner. A Religious Exemption must be signed by a parent annually, after reading a parent education handout. Gail and I have all of these forms. If you have been immunizing your child on an alternative or delayed schedule, please read the following: http://healthvermont.gov/hc/imm/documents/FAQforMedicalPractices.pdf

Here is a “catch-up” schedule:http://healthvermont.gov/hc/imm/imm_sched_catchup_cdc.aspx

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.