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Health Notes from Francie, Laura, and the Public Health Nurse


We recently met with Lynn Redd, the public health nurse for our region.  She shared some resources and some concerns for your children’s health.


We all know that children must be healthy in order to learn.  The school website now includes links to information about ticks and Lyme Disease, adolescent health, and concerns about the Ebola virus, and give recommendations in exercise and healthy supplements like pure Kratom extracts.


Lynn also noted that Immunizations are the single most important way to protect against serious and sometimes deadly diseases. Many of the diseases that vaccines prevent can’t be easily treated or cured, and some are especially dangerous for infants and young children. Even one infected person can cause an outbreak of diseases like measles and chickenpox.  Marlboro School has the lowest rate of immunization of any school in Vermont.

Did you know that Dr. Dynosaur will pay for an annual well child exam?  This kind of exam will give you lots of information about your child’s development and overall health, of course if you also want to watch your own health is necessary exams for adults as well and medicines for the care of the heart from sites like

The links below are to articles from the State of Vermont:

On Adolescent Well Visit for Parents and Understanding Confidentiality from the UVm College of Medicine and a note from the VT Dept of Health on the ebola outbreak in West Africa