From Nurse Susan, March 25th. The Vermont State Assembly is voting on a measure to eliminate philosophical exemptions to vaccines now.

In light of the national measles outbreak, the Vermont Department of Health is encouraging all unimmunized children to be immunized as soon as possible. To date, there are no cases of measles in Vermont. Seventeen states have been affected, including New York and Pennsylvania. Here at Marlboro School, most of our students have been fully immunized against measles, receiving two doses of the MMR vaccine, but 24% have not. Herd immunity occurs when 95% of a community is vaccinated in order to stop the spread of a disease. Because we do not have herd immunity here at MES, our unimmunized  children are at risk if an outbreak occurs locally. Because measles is the most contagious disease known to humans, unimmunized children will be asked to stay home. Parents of unimmunized students are encouraged to read the article from the CDC noted below. Please contact me for any questions or concerns. Thank you.