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Apps for (Summer) Learning

I received many requests for information about good apps and websites for kids to use at home, so here are a few suggestions. These are no-advertising apps/sites/programs that kids will enjoy and continue their learning at home. But remember to limit or monitor your children’s screen time and be sure to include lots of reading as well as outdoor, active summer adventures – there’s so much to learn from outside! And don’t forget that if you have questions or concerns about media or technology for kids – check out, they have tons of great information and tools for parents and families.

Happy Summer Reading and Learning,


Skoolbo   Grades K-2

Students in grades K-2 are very familiar with this app and it’s one of the most popular we use in tech class. Your student’s username and password are attached to this flyer.

Keyboarding without Tears Grades K-4/5

If you have a student who was in grades K-4 this past year, they have started using this keyboarding program. It will work on an ipad (best for K) or any computer with keyboard and mouse. If you don’t already have it set up at home, look for an email on Thursday with instructions on how to get started.

SYNC YAAudiobooks for Teens Grades 5-8 and up

This is a great program that allows two digital audiobook downloads every week of the summer. Once you download them, they are yours to keep. You’ll need an app called Overdrive to manage the downloads.

Khan Academy Grades 3-8

A great place to learn or practice math skills plus tons of other subjects – too many to list! Sign up as a parent to coach your child, or just search for a particular skill/level/topic and try what is there.

The Foos All Grades

The MOST popular app of the year at school. This app teaches coding skills in a game format that kids love – and you can try it as well. It is a forgiving and fun way to learn coding skills.

Scratch Jr. and PBSkids Scratch Jr. All Grades

Another coding app that is easy enough for young kids to use. Have kids make an animation about a place you visit or just make up their own story. Two versions – the second one has PBS characters like the Kratt brothers and Word Girl.

PopUp Library All Grades

This summer Fable Learning is providing a free e-library and inviting every child to read as many books as he or she chooses for the entire month of July. No logins, no passwords, no subscription required. Simply point your children to from July 1 through July 31, and encourage them to read. Be sure to look for a newly released version of Jim Arnosky’s “Crinkleroot” series – a great way to get kids excited about what they see outside.

Epic! All Grades

See the other side of this sheet to get Epic for free for part of the summer. Epic is a great online reading app and library that kids have loved at school. It’s especially good for letting kids listen to a book while seeing the words by using the “read to me” option available on some books. (Sign up by June 14th!)

We were on VPR: check out our Dorothy’s List program on the book The One Safe Place to hear students discuss the book and ask questions of the author. There are also some pictures from reporter Amy Kolby Noyes’ visit.



Library Catalog – find books in the school library here!


Epic – find ebooks and e-audio books here.


Brooks Memorial Library

If you’re having a hard time deciding on what to read, ask a friend or check on – they have great reviews of books, movies and apps for all ages.Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 9.31.22 AM

Keyboarding without Tears (K-4)


Online Resources for Searching and Learning

Resources for each class can also be found on class pages.

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Online Literacy Games (non-commercial, kid-tested, learning to read games)

All members of the Marlboro Community are welcome to make use of the School Library. Please contact Rochelle at if you wish to do so.

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