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HOUR of CODE 2015 is Here!

Every class has spent at least a little time this week learning to code. Ask your student to show you what they did and what they learned. Coding with these free materials is a great way to learn how computers in our daily lives work, and what it takes to make them do the things they do. You can try it yourself with one or more of the tutorials linked here. Instead of playing video games, you and your child can learn to make video games! You can come up with a family goal and learn to code together over vacation! Ask Rochelle for particular recommendations for you and your kids. (You might even find some good coding-related gifts as part of your journey.)

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Rochelle Garfinkel, Librarian
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Library Catalog Рfind books in the school library here!


Epic – find ebooks and e-audio books here.


Brooks Memorial Library

If you’re having a hard time deciding on what to read, ask a friend or check on – they have great reviews of books, movies and apps for all ages.Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 9.31.22 AM

Keyboarding without Tears (K-4)


Online Resources for Searching and Learning

Resources for each class can also be found on class pages.

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Online Literacy Games (non-commercial, kid-tested, learning to read games)

All members of the Marlboro Community are welcome to make use of the School Library. Please contact Rochelle at if you wish to do so.

“Read More, Live Better” by Cyrus