Marlboro School Association

In 1994 several parents asked the MES teachers and school board if there was a way they could support the school on a long term basis. We decided to create an organization that would raise funds for, and manage, an endowment for our school. Income from the endowment would be used to provide funds for projects and programs at MES.

The Marlboro School Association (MSA) was created in 1994. Anyone “interested in the enhancement of the education of students at the Marlboro Elementary School” can become a member. We are a Vermont Corporation, and have been given 501(c)(3) non-profit status by the Internal Revenue Service. This means that donations given to the MSA are tax deductible. In general, we raise funds with our annual appeal. You can also make a bequest to the MSA in your will.¬†Annual donations have grown steadily over the years, from $2,500 in 1994-5 to over $12,000 in 2012-13. Our endowment is currently almost $250,000.

Each year the MSA distributes endowment income “to enrich the Marlboro Elementary School students’ education beyond that which can fairly and reasonably be raised through local taxes”. Only income is distributed, the endowment remains untouched. This means that any donation you make to the MSA increases our endowment, and so will benefit all future students at the school, not just those who attend the year you donate.

Some of the projects we have supported include: funds for P.E. equipment, school internet access, support for special class trips, the basketball court, playground upgrades, the climbing wall, technology improvements, reference books, and several music programs.

As you can see, the Marlboro School Association attempts to support major school-wide projects, programs, and needs at MES. The Association of Marlboro Parents concentrates more on organizing school events and assisting with individual class projects, together with associated funding needs. Together, these two school organizations provide complementary support to our school.

To make a donation to the MSA annual appeal, please send it to PO Box 213, Marlboro, VT 05344.

If you have questions or want to know more, please call Adrian Segar at 254-3566.