Note from Francie 10/14/16

On Wednesday afternoon I had the pleasure of watching the Marlboro Magic soccer team play a game with Dover. Coach, Brian Whitehouse, with the help of parents Gretchen Webber and Patti Donnelly and the support of Lafter have created a real soccer program. We don’t have enough students to field more than one team, so 3rd-8th graders all play together – and they play well. We value sportsmanship, teamwork, and soccer skill equally and, on Wednesday, I saw lots of evidence of all three. And we won the game! Congratulations, Magic!

Ellen, Pam, and Erica are looking forward to seeing many of you next Friday for Parent Conferences, Please sign up for these, if you haven’t already, and prepare for them by thinking of the questions you have and the information you’d like to share.

Have you heard of Title I? This federal program provides funding to support all of our students in developing strong literacy and math skills. Marlboro uses the funding it receives to hire an Instructional Support Teacher, Christine Moyer, Christine works with students throughout the school and collaborates closely with classroom teachers. This is such an important resource for our school and our students. As a school we have accountability requirements in order to receive this Title I funding. One of these is to make sure that parents are aware that we receive the funding and that it is used to provide support to their children. Another of these is the Home School Compact which you signed at the beginning of the year. At conferences I will ask you to sign in on a form that contains this information so that we can provide evidence of our efforts to keep you informed. Thanks for your help with this!


North El is rehearsing a skit about decomposition – come to All School Sing to see it!

South El is working towards their goal of reading 40 books this year

Kindergartners are practicing their scientific observation skills as they draw colorful leaves

Primary is continuing its exploration of bubbles

Junior High is building and firing up ovens as part of their study of thermodynamics

We are learning so much!