Note from Francie 10/28/18

Congratulations, parents! Almost all the students made it to school today. Thanks for your patience this morning as we got word out about the 2 hour delay. I so appreciate the way this community reaches out to one another – by phone, text, Facebook, or a knock on the front door. Please join me in thanking our intrepid bus drivers, too.

Basketball season is almost here. Please let me know if your 3rd-8th grade student wants to play on a school team this year by sending a note to school or emailing me. We are looking for coaches to work with the 3rd-4th grade team and the 5th-6th grade team.  These teams will practice once a week after school and play games on Saturdays through the Twin Valley Youth Sports program. Please contact me if you can help with coaching.

And now for Pokemon! You may have heard that we have banned Pokemon cards from the bus and the school. Several problems have arisen. On the bus excitement about these cards has led to unsafe behaviors as students get out of their seats, lean across the aisle, and reach in front and behind. In school when cards go missing, students are accusing each other of having taken them. Students who are not engaged in Pokemon play are feeling excluded. Thanks for talking with your child about this.

Same topic – different take. Several of the students in North El have decided to protest the decision to ban Pokemon. This protest has taken the form of marching around the playground and chanting, posting signs throughout the school, and writing me letters. Marlboro School has a long tradition of students being empowered to challenge authority. This issue provides a great opportunity for them to learn how to make this challenge in an effective and respectful way. I’ll keep you posted as we work our way through this exercise in democracy.     Francie