Note from Francie 12/9/16

Another busy week at Marlboro School – which began on Saturday morning with the CLiF and P&F sponsored Holiday Event. Lots of parents and students came and fun was had by all! Thank you to the CLiF committee, Jess Weitz, Robin MacArthur, and Rochelle Garfinkel, for pulling this event together. Thanks to parents Emily Walsh, Heather Sperling, and Patti Donnelly, and former school parent, Paula Lavender, for leading crafts activities for students. Thanks to Junior High rent-a-kid students Merou, Camilla, Broden, and Jeremiah for providing childcare for kids from 2-12 years old. Thanks to Tyler Gibbons, Althea Holzapfel, and Doug Korb for their excellent book wrapping skills.

The winter weather that seems to start early in the morning, shortly before the buses get on the road, has made some of our morning commutes challenging. I appreciate your using your good judgment when it comes to getting your child to school safely. I also greatly appreciate the support of the Marlboro Town Highway Department as they work hard to create safe driving conditions for our buses. And, of course, our bus drivers, Angela, Andrea, and Peter deserve appreciation from all of us!

Lafter finishes up this session next week. Thursday, December 15 will be Leigh’s last day. This week she is put together the brochure for next session which is included with these Notes. Thanks for putting together another exciting session of Lafter, Leigh, and leaving us in good shape as we look for someone to replace you. Please note that there is a separate registration for basketball for 3rd-8th graders. If your child is playing basketball, please complete this and return it with the Lafter registration.

If you stop by school, please be sure to check out the Junior High projects on the Silk Road that are posted in the front hall. There are beautiful maps and well written narratives that are the final project for their study.   ~ Francie