Note from Francie 1/6/17

Winter at Marlboro School is always exciting! Between uncertain weather, an ever changing playground, Winter Sports, and other special events we are all kept on our toes.

John Bentley, PE teacher, has put together a fun evening for parents and kids to try out our Climbing Wall on Wednesday, January 18, 6-7:30pm. Everyone is welcome! Please see the attached flyer.

On Tuesday, January 24, 6:30-7:30pm your children will entertain you at the Winter Instrumental Concert. Heather Sommerlad, strings teacher, and Michael McKinney, band teacher, are working with their students to put the finishing touches on the pieces they’ve been learning. All 1st-4th graders and many 5th-8th will be playing.

Winter Sports start on the afternoon of Monday, January 9. Whether skating, skiing, snowboarding, or exploring the woods in winter, students look forward to the physical challenge and exhilaration. While students and paraprofessionals are off on these adventures, teachers will engage in a variety of professional learning. This will include visits to other schools as well as in house work on reviewing our celebrations of learning and learning the latest tech applications.

Marlboro students on the BUHS Honor Roll from the first quarter:

Leander Holzapfel, Mason Redfield, Liam Kennedy, Zev Kazati-Morgan, Lindsey Burnell, Bridger Grout, and Daniel Carpenter.

We also hear great reports about Alice Dricker and Delaney Bullock at the Putney School. Please pass on any info you have on our graduates. It’s always good to hear how they’re doing.

Basketball games start for the 3rd-4th and 5th-6th grade teams at the old Twin Valley High School gym in Wilmington this Saturday.

Time to decide! On Town Meeting day, March 7, you will vote on whether or not Marlboro should merge with Dover and Wardsboro to form a single unified school district. What does this mean?? Informational meetings are planned to help you with this decision. You will walk away from the meeting with an understanding of what a Yes vote means and what a No vote means. Please plan to attend one of the meetings below to inform yourself about this important issue.

  • January 12  6:30pm – 8pm Marlboro Elementary School
  • January 19  6:30pm – 8pm  Dover Town Hall
  • January 23  6:30pm – 8pm  Wardsboro Town Hall
  • February 2  6:30pm – 8pm Wardsboro Town Hall
  • February 13 6:30pm – 8pm Marlboro Elementary School
  • February 27 6:30pm – 8pm Dover Town Hall

Both of these meetings will be followed at 8pm by a brief presentation and Q&A session with the Act 46 Alternative Structure committee to look at the alternatives to the merger.

  ~ Francie