Note from Francie

It’s been a big week at Marlboro School!

The Winter Instrumental Concert was a treat. Hats off to Michael McKinney and Heather Sommerlad for their work with our students. And hats off to your children for the practice and focus they brought to this performance. I particularly enjoy seeing (hearing!) the progression from our youngest students playing songs that are just one note to the complexity of Louie, Louie and Bach.

By now you should all have received your children’s report cards. As I read the report cards, I learn a lot about your children and their learning. I hope you feel the same. Thanks to the teachers for their hard work and insight.

Have your children mentioned Marty Kelley? He is an author and illustrator of some wonderful children’s books and is leading three days of Writers Workshops courtesy of CLiF. In one workshop Marty shared the process he goes through when he writes a book. Each book goes through lots of rewriting and editing and requires patience and perseverance. It’s great to for the students to see that authors need to do the same things we ask of them every day in school. Attached to this note is an order form for Marty’s books. He will personalize each book you order for your child. Please return the order form and check to school.

Congratulations to Ninah and Nevaeh and parents Amanda and Jon on the birth of little sister Nasah. It’s looking like a good sized kindergarten class in 2022!

Reminder that on February 13 at 6:30pm there will be another opportunity to learn about Act 46, the proposed merger with Wardsboro and Dover, and the work of the Alternative Structure Committee.