Note from Francie 2/10/17

My apologies for making the wrong call on Thursday morning. The snow came in faster and harder than we anticipated. I appreciate both those of you who entrusted your children to us and those of you who made the decision not to send your children to school. And I ask you to join me in appreciating Andrea and Peter, our bus drivers, who got children to school and home again safely.

The weather has been keeping all of us on our toes. With more snow coming Sunday afternoon we are postponing the CLiF sponsored author’s visit by Jessie Haas until Sunday, March 5,  4pm at the Town House.

Once again the BUHS Honor Roll contains a number of former Marlboro students: Daniel Carpenter, Lindsey Burnell, Wes Lyons, Mason Redfield, Shadda Cliche, Liam Kennedy, Frida Rosner, Aidan Salasin-Deane, Alex Connor, Charlie Galanes, Leander Holzapfel, Siena Sperling, Shane Cyr, Logan Makay, Olivia Romo and Zev Kazati-Morgan.  Congratulations to all!

Next week will wind up the basketball season for all the teams. And when we return from February vacation we can look forward to celebrating the season with our annual Basketball Jamboree for all players – Friday, March 17 at 5:30pm.

On Valentine’s Day there will be another CLiF book giveaway with a special twist. As a celebration of friendship each student will receive two books – one that they choose and one that is selected for them by a special friend.

Here are some highlights from classrooms:

Kindergarten is looking forward to celebrating Day 100 next week.

Primary made and served a delicious cabbage slaw. They also shared information with us at Sing about all the nutrition and history of this vegetable.  

North EL and South EL are looking forward to seeing Camp Camp-a-lot at the New England Youth Theater. And, along with the Junior High, to welcoming a guest educator from the Vermont Energy Efficiency Program.