Note from Francie 3/3/17

A full week of school without a snow day – yay! We are back in the swing of things with exciting learning going on in all classes.

Monday will be our last day of Winter Sports. The ice rink will be closed so the skaters can look forward to an afternoon of candlepin bowling in Wilmington. This should be fun as well as a chance to try out a new sport.

Wayne Kermenski, our new principal, will be here on Monday to begin to get to know this wonderful school community. He will attend Sing and, afterwards, I am hosting a Parent Coffee for any of you who are able to join us. I know you‘re eager to meet Wayne, so don’t worry if you can’t make it. We’ll let you know soon regarding the date for an evening meeting with parents.

On Tuesday we all have the opportunity to participate in what has been described as “the purest form of democracy” – town meeting! There the school and town budgets will be discussed and voted on as well as other items which can be found in the Town Report. Copies are available here at school and also at the Town Office. This year there is the added importance of the Australian ballot at the Town Office on the school governance merger proposal for Marlboro, Dover, and Wardsboro. If you’re still feeling the need to educate yourself on this issue, lots has been published recently on the Front Porch Forum and in the Mixer. Please provide a model for your children by voting at town meeting and across the parking lot at the Town Office.

Then, on Thursday, come to school at 6pm to try out the climbing wall and enjoy open gym time. John has lined up folks to help us all by belaying on the wall. Hope to see you then!

~ Francie