Note From Francie

Spring has definitely sprung – and with it come high spirits and lots of energy. It’s time to tighten up behavior expectations on the bus. Please see the note from Andrea Howe. I will be supporting the bus drivers when they review these rules with the students. Thanks for your help in reminding them!
Students’ high spirits and energy are directed in lots of positive ways, as well. As I write this note, they are preparing for the Learning Fair. In addition to deciding what to share and how to share it, they are cleaning and decorating. It should be a great evening! I will be away on Friday so I’ll wait until a future note to share my observations of how it went.
In true Marlboro tradition, several students sent me a letter (through the Kindergarten Post Office!) asking me to reconsider allowing Pokemon cards. I look forward to meeting with them next week to discuss this. I expect them to think this through carefully. What were the problems before that led to banning the cards? Are there new ideas as to how to solve these problems? How can we monitor how it’s working? Good critical thinking skills!
Next week South EL heads out on an overnight trip that will take them all over Vermont – from Lake Champlain and Ft. Ticonderoga (which is in New York) to the Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS), a Tunbridge farm, and the Montshire Museum. I’ll be joining them for this trip as will Gary, Nancie, Erik, and Andrea. Ellen will be acting principal during my absence. ~ Francie