Note from Francie 4/14/17

The Junior High field research trip to Costa Rica was a resounding success! The students were totally engaged, embracing every new experience – walking in the tropical forest, looking for animals and birds

such as monkeys, pizotes, and quetzals; milking cows and learning about the biodigestor that turns their manure into methane for the kitchen stove; viewing bats in a cave and learning about their importance to the ecosystem; visiting an elementary school where the students danced for us and several of our students danced the Sword Dance; sharing a meal in a local home where they were challenged to communicate in Spanish; and topping off the trip with a day at the beach. They learned a lot about the country and the culture, about each other, and about themselves.

Trips like this are at the heart of Marlboro School. They are the culmination of lots of hard work which includes both fundraising and lots of studying. Learning Spanish takes on importance when you know you will be talking with Costa Rican students who don’t speak English. Studying about ecosystems, environmental issues, and tourism in advance of the trip provides a strong background for the first hand experience of ecotourism and tree planting to offset carbon emissions. Parents, students, and staff worked together to make this happen and students will remember the trip for the rest of their lives.

Several weeks ago I thanked the Winter Sports chaperones and did not include Dominick Ottomanelli in my appreciation. Dominick truly deserves appreciation as this was his first time skating. He set a great example for the students as he learned right along with them (and, in some cases, from them).

When we return from Spring Vacation we will jump into the busiest time of the year! The last day of school will be June 21 (barring any more days off) and the 8 weeks leading up to that will be full. Please check the calendar at the bottom of this note and look for special events coming up in each teacher’s class newsletter.

Thanks to all of you who have followed up on your Home-School Compact commitment of 5 hours of service to the school. If you have not been able to do this, please think about what you can do and feel free to call me.

Please note the P&F meeting on Tuesday, April 25 at 7pm. Decisions as to how to use funds that have been raised and planning for Teacher Appreciation Week will be on the agenda.

Enjoy the vacation week. Happy Spring!