Note from Francie 5/26/17

Teacher Appreciation Week is a wonderful thing! Thanks to all of you who have contributed in ways large and small. Every morning we’ve been surprised by a table full of delicious goodies – and today we’re looking forward to having lunch together in the library with P&F providing supervision coverage for recess and classrooms and more yummy food. It’s a great way to end the week.


Last week I omitted one of the skits from my description of the Junior High Drama Night. Apologies! Lilly treated us to a solo performance of Smiles. She not only performed this all by herself – in amazing costume and clown makeup – but also wrote and directed the piece. I hope to hear more about this at her Graduation Portfolio presentation in a few weeks.


John Bentley will be retiring (for a second time!) after teaching PE at Marlboro School for 5 years. As a specials teacher he has had the challenge of building a rapport with students when he is only here one day a week. He has taken this on with enthusiasm and worked closely with me and classroom teachers to connect with each student. He has gone above and beyond in many ways such as bringing us some really fun games – Beanie Baby Rescue! , planning great cooperative games for Fall Fiesta, scheduling JH extra-curricular basketball games and throwing himself into Hogback Day. This year he hosted two evenings of wall climbing and open gym. His PE classes have taught students basic fitness skills and introduced them to a variety of group sports. Thank you, John, for all you’ve brought to Marlboro School and for your wonderful, positive attitude!


Soren Pelz-Walsh will be our new P.E. teacher. We’re excited to have this young man join us. He has been teaching at Hilltop Montessori this year and graduated from Castleton University last year. Soren is a strong athlete, but, more importantly, he has a clear calling to work with children and help them grow in all ways. Look for a note from Soren this summer when you receive your Summer Notes.


Enjoy the three day weekend. May the sun shine!   ~  Francie