18-19 New Hires

Marlboro school has had incredible stability throughout the years. This has been a strength of Marlboro, but we are now entering a transitional period. Ellen (Kindergarten), Christine (special education teacher), and Sue (art teacher), will be retiring at the end of this year. In addition, Pamela has made the decision not to return as the South EL (5th and 6th grade) teacher. We are going to miss them and we wish them luck on their new journeys. They have made a profound impact on our school that will remain into the future. We are adding a preschool and will need additional educators to join our community as well. This leads us to recruiting many new faces for next year.

Here is a list of positions needing to be filled for the 18-19 school year

  • 5/6 teacher
  • K/PK teacher
  • PK teacher (part-time)
  • K/PK Classroom Assistant
  • Art Teacher (part-time)
  • PK-2 Interventionist (part-time)Would you like to be on a hiring committee? Ideally, each committee will consist of at least:
  • Wayne
  • 2 staff
  • 2 parents
  • a board member for the full-time teacher positions.Each committee will:
  1. Have input in the job description through a collaborative google doc or choose to meet in person
  2. Meet to review resumes
  3. Hold interviews

The timing for each position is as follows: Round 1 –

On or before March 1: Post K/PK teacher, and PK-2 Interventionist March 19: Review resumes
March 22, 23, 26 and/or 27: Interviews

Round 2 –
On or before March 15: Post PK position, K/PK assistant, Art teacher and 5/6 teacher March 30: Review Resumes
April 3, 5, 6 and/or 9: Interviews

If you would like to be a member on one of the hiring committees, please reach out to me (wkermenski@marlboroschool.org) by next Friday.