Kate Tarlow Morgan

Rhythms activities encourage students to develop their physical skills through creative impulse and body awareness as well as providing an arena for challenging skills, proficiency and prowess. Through musicality and the sheer joy of moving children are given the opportunity to galvanize the important building blocks needed for the whole person to grow and explore.

Rhythms Ingredients:

1) Gross Motor Activities — ‘natural’ movements (rolling, crawling, swimming, jumping, walking, and running) and ‘learned’ movements (skipping, tumbling, cartwheels).
2) Musical Awareness — movement to the music from around the world, but especially classical music.
3) Perceptual Skills — interaction with materials such as balls, hoops, ropes, et al.
4) Group Dynamics and Physical Dialogue — communicating with others through all the senses.
5) Dramatics and Making Dances — exercising inspiration, inventiveness, and creativity.
6) Relaxation — Learning the skill of being still and giving in to the forces of gravity. Listening.

Questions, Thoughts, Visits to Class, please contact Rhythms Teacher, Kate Tarlow Morgan
kmorgan@marlboroschool.net or call 257-0855.